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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle PlutoniumPancakes
Post Content
Last night(november 28, 2012)I awoke from an astounding visionary journey of a vivid and somewhat obscure dream that had me questioning life and our existence even more frequently. The last moment before I opened my eyes, I was walking through some kind of park during late evening with someone who I felt was one of my old friends from childhood. The sky in the distance barley shimmering with a dim orange and yellowish glow, gave me an eerie sense of loneliness, shadowy vague feelings of longing for something greater. I began to look up and through some tall elderly trees I could see the sun blending in with the dark cloudy horizon, but next to it was a second celestial body almost resembling a bright yellow saturn-like planet. Both celestial objects were visible in the distance the minute before I exited the dream state. Often, I enter in an altered state of consciousness between sleep and awareness of being, similar to sleep paralysis(which I have had bizarre experiences this year with SP).

Ihis was one that I had to contemplate over the entire remainder of the day, whether or not it was a clear message intended to guide me to a certain culmination point in my life, I do not know for sure, but I feel deep in the abyss that my heart is in constant contact with the dreamworld.


Love & Lightluv
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