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Message Subject Any dreams, visions or words lately? Please post them here!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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here is my gf dream in full
Tear in the Sky
February 2, 2012

The other night I had a dream. There was a large group of us, perhaps 30 or so people I had never met, with the exception of my lover Tim, who were gathered around a collection of cement benches in a park made of valleys of dead yellow grass. Here we were, with no apparent purpose overlooking Phoenix, Arizona. The sky was overcast in many layers of thin dark grey slates, suggesting winter was here. In our silence, we calmly watched the city from afar, noticing the tall rectangular buildings and the bustle of people below. It seemed everything was in some sort of chaotic pattern, repeating itself every day. We continued to watch silently for some amount of time, until something drastic happened. All of a sudden, one of us stood up abruptly and shouted into the sky.
“Look over there!” exclaimed the man.
We whipped our heads around at him in unison, only to find his finger was pointing at something in the distance. We looked onward beyond his finger to find something very peculiar in the skies of downtown Phoenix.
Many of us stood up, all of us shocked and in awe. Up in the sky was a whirling vortex which was occasionally rippling and pulsating like rubber. It seemed to be coming from out of the sky, and was located above the Phoenix central area. I remember seeing how the ripples of the vortex would mingle with the clouds surrounding it, and how it would bend and twist the clouds within and around it. It was probably about 6-7 stories wide and 8-12 stories tall and was mostly translucent, if it weren’t for the light/matter of our universe to twist/bounce/ripple off it and the overall slightly dark grayish hue it had. Needless to say, we were awestruck.
We stood in awe, gazing up at the swirling vortex, almost hypnotized by the profoundness of such an event, and how we had never imagined how to prepare for such a bizarre event. We watched below into the city, to see if patterns had changed to signify everyone in the city saw this. Nothing changed. Traffic flowed as usual, people continued as usual. It was as if everyone within the city was completely oblivious to the fact that there was this giant swirling vortex hovering above their heads! We watched in confusion. How did they not know? Or did they choose to ignore it? Should we tell them? The intense silence continued, for us at least. You could’ve heard a pin drop. As we stood there, I felt this increasing urge to walk toward the vortex, but something inside told me to stop. I remember battling with this for what seemed like several minutes, until something else happened.
All of a sudden, when we thought things couldn’t get any stranger, we were wrong. In an instant, a tear ripped through the “vortex”. It was as if the sky was slit open sideways with a sharp razor. The sky flapped open like pieces of paper before quickly snapping back. The vortex disappeared instantly, and in its midst emerged a strange birdlike figure. It was slightly larger than a commercial airplane and invisibly cloaked against the grey sky. Although it was cloaked, some of its contours could still be made out by its glasslike appearance, which appeared to be distorting light around it like light through a container of water. Was it organic? Was it manufactured? It was hard to say. With the way it was flying, it seemed rather authentic, but there seemed to be an element of artificiality to its authenticity. It flew like a bat out of hell, wildly urgent. It flew across the sky and into the distance with swift speed. Our heads followed in silence.
Shortly after it disappeared, it seemed time and order itself had unraveled into some kind of chaotic state. The whole world lost sense of purpose and direction, wandering aimlessly with no comprehension. It was as if the world had become a drone. Tim and I stuck together, trying to figure out what to do. Since we were one of the few that saw the event, I think we had a better sense of control than the majority of the population, but even then, the disorienting nature of whatever this thing was, was making it incredibly difficult for us to think and act clearly. We constantly had to remind each other what was going and what we were doing, to not get lost in this. Decisions, decisions. Part of us wanted to retreat away from all of this… go off the grid. Get away from it all. But there was one thing stopping us. There was a mysterious tumor-like infection spreading around, and we needed a backup plan in case one of us got infected. Retreating into the wilderness with no answers or remedies was not exactly the wisest choice. So we had to keep moving our way through the chaos of the city. Had to keep searching, for something, anything.
We worked our way through the streets of the city, passing multitudes of dawdling drones. For every person we tried to get an answer from, we got an equal amount of dead ends. No one seemed to comprehend what was going on, and there was no apparent government activity reacting either. It felt as if we were alone. Suddenly, a throbbing pain emerged in my right collarbone. Looking down, an infection had festered into a small tumor. We pressed on. With every step it was rapidly growing, until it felt like it were about to burst. Within the course of a couple hours, it had accumulated into a giant, pink, shiny, veiny tumor, about the size of a small sweet potato. Something had to be done. We stopped. Suddenly, I had a mysterious flash of memory. All I remembered was that there was something in my shirt, so I looked. Tucked away in the left corner of my bra was a solid glossy white package made of hard, disposable plastic. It was about as big as a playing card, with a small pre-cut slit in the upper corner of it, indicating to tear. It was obvious the package was designed for one time use on a grand manufactured scale.
How did these get here? No memories came to mind, nor were there any directions on the packaging. Then, there was another flashing memory. Three young adult men appeared in my mind. I had no recollection of interacting with them, it was all very déjà vu, and I couldn’t recall anything else about them, or what their intentions were. I don’t even remember them being at the meeting. Could I trust this mysterious package?
I tore open the package and emptied its contents. In it were two solid chalky white tablets, grainy and thick, like espresso cleaning tablets. I questioned the safety of ingesting them, but at the moment the tumor was growing so malignant that there wasn’t really anything else to lose at this point. So I sucked on one. It was flavorless, dissolving instantly in my mouth. I saved the other one for later, in case Tim needed it. We continued to move on. As we wandered the city, we began to see other opened packages laying about, some with half dissolved tablets laying around, but no people to account for them. We foraged through the packages, looking for freshly forgotten tablets just in case, but there were none. Within a matter of no time, the pain in my shoulder had receded. I looked down to find the tumor had completely disappeared. How astounding! This medicine was revolutionary. Whoever invented this medicine must’ve been so intellectually advanced, as within a matter of only 30 minutes at most, this maliciously malignant tumor had vanished as if it were no one’s business! I knew these guys were onto something, and we had to find them.
Finally, we got a bite. A big bite. The three men! Their identities were quite ordinary, but their presence was clear. Call it intuition if you will, but we knew we were onto something. We followed them. They paid no heed to their external environment, or us for that matter, moving at a brisk pace with clear intention. It seemed as if they were on a mission, and had no time to waste. Every moment was precious, so there was no time to stop and talk. Just MOVE. It was as if the delirium had no effect on them. They moved swiftly from one place to another at amazing speed, while we trudged along the best we could. As we followed them, we did everything in our power to keep up with them… catch up with them… talk to them if you will. We were in search for answers, for direction. However, we were no match to their concise speed of movement.
With all our power and might, and a bunch of teamwork, we were able to pull through though, and started closing in on them. Every corner we took, every street and building we crossed, we were getting closer, to the point where we were right on their heels. At this point we were practically running, to the point where we saw them enter an unsuspecting building, perhaps a warehouse? Its walls were made of pleated metal, colors were quite bleak, with no apparent signage or apparance of what this place was.
We ran inside what seemed like the front entrance, which opened up into some kind of giant room that stretched far back. There were people in here, some who seemed like they were security guards, or guarding the place. They took no heed to us, and we took no heed to anything really, except these two men. We pushed on through until we were literally within arm’s reach of them. They turned the corner into this room directly to the right. We pounced into the room, thinking we were finally going to be able to contact them, literally only a second within their grasp, but as we turned the corner we found no one. How was this possible? Where did they go? It was as if they vanished or apparated in thin air. We stopped and stood there for a moment.
The room was enclosed, with no other doorways. It was filled with stackable chairs, lined up in rows, all facing the same direction, at what seemed like a pew/desk and some boards. There were dark curtains and fake plants all around the room. It had a very conference room kind of feel. We started searching around the room for them, contemplating pulling curtains away to see if they were hiding, but there was no one. We were utterly befuddled. After some time of searching, we looked at each other, and decided there’s no need to search so urgently anymore. They were long gone. So then we decided to look around the place for them at a more casual rate.
We walked back out of the conference room and into the main entrance, then started wandering around further within the corridors of this mysterious place. There was a large group of diverse people everywhere, all adults I believe. It seemed like this place had it’s own system running, perhaps even self sustaining to a point? There were many rooms with different purposes, and we worked our way through many of them, until we stumbled upon a giant room that contained a series of different large bodies of water, including swimming pools and spas. Perhaps there were public baths here too, but this part is unclear. What I do remember however though is that Tim and I were strolling around until we stumbled upon a spa near the back. We decided to get in the warm bubbly water, and were joined by one other fellow, a man who we had not met before. We started opening conversation with him, introducing ourselves and who we were, and starting casually talking and joking from there.
Everything about this place seemed different from the outside world. It didn’t have any of the delirious effects of the outside world. Everyone seemed fully comprehensible of the world around them, of their thoughts, and what they were doing. The pace of this place was very steady and calm, euphoric and leisurely. We weren’t exactly sure why were were here or what we were doing, but in that moment in time it was nice to just sit back and bask in it for a while. It was at that moment of socializing in the spa that I awoke, and realized all was but a dream.
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