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102 things the Illuminati must do to mess up our ascensions

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1248569
United States
04/23/2011 11:23 AM
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Re: 102 things the Illuminati must do to mess up our ascensions
We are gods and we are above all that is on that list unless you think lesser of yourself.

Cheers! and Godspeed on your soul journey!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1258695
United States
04/23/2011 11:27 AM
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Re: 102 things the Illuminati must do to mess up our ascensions
I think it is hard for most to comprehend the long term planning and patience that enables this to happen.

We live hand to mouth- short term planning at best- one Presidential election to the next- not hundreds of years in advance.

Slow and steady wins the race.

We are the frogs in this story-

Boiling frog
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A submerged frog

The boiling frog story is a widespread anecdote describing a frog slowly being boiled alive.

The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability of people to react to significant changes that occur gradually.[1] According to contemporary biologists the premise of the story is not literally true; an actual frog submerged and gradually heated will jump out.[2][3] However, some 19th century research experiments suggested that the underlying premise is true, provided the heating is gradual enough.[4][5]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: stillhere

I've been thinking about this analogy ever since I read it here. Somehow stuck in my brain...not a pretty image, but the understanding is extremely important.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1337613
United States
04/30/2011 01:49 PM
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Re: 102 things the Illuminati must do to mess up our ascensions
Oh, and I forgot illegal counterfeiting.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1355436
United States
04/30/2011 03:51 PM
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Re: 102 things the Illuminati must do to mess up our ascensions
Assuming that 2012 is the chosen time for our ascensions out of the matrix, and that the evil geniuses behind the Illuminati do not want us to ascend out of their "gerbil wheel", they will likely continue to do the following things.

Please correct me if I'm wrong and shills take a pill.

1) create maximum stress and confusion
2) get everybody fighting everybody
3) lower nutrition to an all time low
4) blanket the air waves with propaganda
5) coat the earth with radiation and other poisons that in turn generate some 36 other diseases (see Moret vid)
6) pollute the oceans to mess up the structured water
7) Blast the populous with EM waves
8) Encourage cops to be storm troopers
9) pass legislation to erode our rights
10) reduce the oxygen supply
11) Destroy the economy
12) destroy all the jobs
13) Put a sweet talking robot in the white house
14) Raise energy and food costs across the board
15) Distract us with trivial news stories
16) Put known poisons in our food, like fluoride and aspertame
17) Inject us with debilitating vaccines as often as they can, e.g. about 26 now for newborns.... Force mothers at gun point to give them to their children as in Detroit recently
18) Get the entire country addicted to drugs
19) Increase bureaucratic red tape so we can't change the laws and political structures
20) Turn elections into an expensive 3 ring circus
21) Amp up the false religions
22) Inflame all the racists and fringe groups
23) Generate or amplify extreme weather
24) Create as many revolutions as possible
25) create as many wars as possible
26) use bio weapons as much as possible, like phosgene gas
27) release as many traditional diseases as possible and make them more resistant to treatment
28) attack good posters 24/7 with shills
29) clog good forums with bullshit posts
30) pass lots of nuisance laws and enforce them strongly
31) Take over the water supply
32) Advance depop campaigns and brag about them too
33) Centralize the money in the hands of fewer and fewer people
34) build bunkers and hide them from the public who paid for them
35) privatize profits and socialize losses
36) corner and manipulate markets
37) kill informants when they alert the public, like Wheeler
38) create natural disasters as much as possible
39) send letters to doctors informing them not to help people, as in no potassium iodide for the west coast
40) Send American money around the world to bribe international banks into coopertation
41) shut down the rebellious countries like Japan with Haarp
42) Cover up the collusion with evil aliens through non-disclosure
43) Insult, oppose, marginalize and assault new age leaders and the truly spiritual
44) cyber attacks on utilities and any institutions that supply the people
45) control the shipping industry
46) attack legitimate and healthy food suppliers and suppliers of raw milk or no hunger bread
47) steal the good seeds and leave us with Monsanto seeds, also GMO foods that fuck you up
48) spread coal ash and sludge on farm fields
49) create radiation leaks at many plants
50) Install as many bankers in the Whitehouse as possible
51) Bail out economic saboteurs at public expense, inflate the currency with absolutely insane printing
52) Call acts of sabotage "mistakes" and promise not to do them again
53) Waste public time and money with phony investigations to stop all these terrible things.
54) Pass prepay health insurance reforms like obama-care that can never pay off due to 2012 collapse.
55) raise taxes
56) kill the Unions, attack protesters as in Minneapolis
57) kill government reform movements, like tea party
58) kill internet voting sites that could lead to reforms
59) frustrate political activists at every turn
60) impoverish ghettos to force them into the military or focus them on practical necessities.
61) Create a host of new weapons for crowd control
62) Create internment camps throughout the country
63) Gradually and secretly implement a long term diabolical plan for complete world domination
64) reduce population to a manageable level by a multitude of mislabeled accidents.
65) Break down smaller businesses with international regulations like carbon taxes.
66) allow Illuminati corporations to make huge profits, while wrecking the entire world, and still pay no taxes, e.g. G.E.
67) Spread out the dirty work between multiple groups and corporations like Halleburton, BP and Goldman Sacs so that no one is sure who or how to blame them and sue
68) Corrupt the educational system from top to bottom
69) Attack the solfeggio frequencies globally through a mistuned media.
70) Ruin the magnetosphere and ozone layer with HAARP and bomb testing
71) Load the food supply with obesogens and addictive drugs
72) Military take over of countries with valuable minerals, drug supplies or resources: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Haiti, etc.
73) Endless distractions for consumers like video games and movies and really stupid, debasing music.
74) Corruption of science institutions including NASA and most museums and publishers
75) Endless annoying commercials on TV, subliminally directing you to shut up and consume their shit
76) Poster size big brother type "smiling faces" in most major stores, like Target.
77) Monthly new drugs for depression and railroaded doctors that stupidly prescribe one after the other until you are either crazy or broke
78) Imprisoning 25% of the population and privatizing this for profit the later buys off judges.
79) Fear mongering with 911 black ops, and the whole terrorists at your door bullshit.
80) Refusing to help civilians as with Katrina and Haiti.
81) fake presidential charities that end up funding the military like in Haiti
82) Excessive military funding when the country is completely bankrupt
83) Using government agencies to hurt the population, FDA, EPA, SEC etc.
84) Paying the mob and economic hitmen
85) Killing good presidents like JFK, and senators like Wellstone for pursuing the people's interest and interfering with the grand plan.
86) Terrorizing the heartland with 911 and the Oklahoma bombing.
87) Terrorizing the militias like Waco and Ruby Ridge
86) Spying and tracking civilians: facebook, google, NSA activities.
87) Many false flag operations and mind control operations and sleeper operatives in the general population
89) Global stealth communication systems, excessive top secret classifications on almost everything
90) Super computers not available to the public that can overwhelm and out manuever the people's strategies
91) Bribing of universities with research money derived from the public.
92) Brow beating governors of all 50 states to accept bad money and bad investment strategies.
93) Global manipulating organizations that are simply not constitutional like the UN, WHO, World Bank, and the Federal Reserve/Rothschild's banking empire.
94) Turning over our money supply to private bankers like the Feds. This is beyond stupid and absolutely unconstitutional.
95) Allowing a supreme court justice, like Dread Justice Roberts, to have a billion dollar bank account in the Vatican's bank to grease the legal system
96) passing many laws giving corporations immunity from hurting the populous and controlling elections.
97) Allowing lower courts to ignore the constitution and deferring constitutional issues.
98) Never polling Americans about issues so we can never chose to direct our own country. You would think this would be a given with the internet, but no.
99) Allowing corporations to legally buy and shelf essential technology form the market place to protect their obsolete products.
100) Running only candidates from skull and bones.
101) Refusing campaign finance reform for years now
102) Gradual, but utter forsaking of the Constitution of the United States of America like a bunch of traitors.

I only ask that you folks keep this alive for a while on here by commenting.

 Quoting: rigamortus 1337613

more bump
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 49906598
11/13/2013 06:06 AM
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Re: 102 things the Illuminati must do to mess up our ascensions
Bump into 2013.