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I watched it, the whole thing.

The video presumes that there is nothing to stand in the way of the Illuminazis.

I think they operate the way they do for the means they wish to achieve because the world is aligned in polarity to their desires.

I think it involves the galactic meridian. Our solar system periodically passes through it, above and below, never too far in either direction.

When it does, the polarity of the earth changes...one time it leans Positive and the next negative.

We are in a Negative Polarity flux right now, so global governments like this are easier to obtain.

Soon, Earth will pass through the merdian and back into the Positive, and these types of governments will fail, their secrets will come to light, and they will be done away with.

We're in the middle right now...ending one and beginning another (age) and the crimes get worser but they also get foiled harder by the influx of positive polarity.

In the next age, Humanity will leave Earth and find a place to call home that is "Higher" above the Meridan...a place that will not fluctuate out of Positive polarity.

There is more, but if you understand this much the rest becomes apparent.
 Quoting: Greg_B.

well said.

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