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Message Subject Whats jon stewart's role in illuminati media?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
keep in mind, that many of the people answering dont watch the show, and the rest have never watched it...

i watch it, havnt been brainwashed into anything.. still read the real news all the time.. i watch him to make fun of it, sure, but so what? im a human being, what the hell are you people?
maybe i have a stronger mind than the pussies... but whatever Jon's role is in the illuminati its not much of one.. he doesnt usually talk about anything that important.. but lately what he has talked about he seems a bit more passionate about...

hes had a lot of conservative/republican guys on lately and hes kissed the ass of every one...

and he hasnt been very nice to the president either.

like i say.. the people answering in this thread clearly havnt watched the show in a long time, if ever.

weak minds fear and wither
strong minds concur and grow stronger
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