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Theory Of Atomic Materialism

chris marasco
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04/22/2011 12:15 AM
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Theory Of Atomic Materialism
Acc to Chateaubriand, Moschus passes this theory( that says everything can be defined by a number or physical quantity) to Pythagoras. Then the theory arrives at Epicurious.

After this and with the coming of Jesus, the theory goes underground until it surfaces with Wycliff, Luther, Calvin and then Galileo. Most are unaware but the real reason Galileo is censored in 1633 is because he held to an atomist physical philosophy. BTW-- the Roman Church never had a problem with the idea that E rev around S. See [link to firstjesuits.wordpress.com]

Then there is Einstien( who refers to Galileo as the father of modern PHYSICS), Szillard, Teller etc. The Catholic Church( there are numerous pages among the Observatore Romano and the Jesuits Civilta devoted to controversy with Einstien) tried to dissuade these fools from their crazed, satanic, atomist theories but now the Fukishima apocalypse following on the Gulf apocalypse which have probably destroyed the worlds oceans.

Einstien claims that he never envisioned 'a chain reaction' and claims he was against the bomb until he suspected Germany was after one. Jeff Rensee said recently that he also opposed Nuc power. It's to late now. EENS