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Message Subject Cleveland Scene Magazine - LAKE ERIE UFO EXPLAINED? - Sign of the coming Maitreya
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
maitreya...antichrist...benjamin creme...share international...united nations...all one and the same.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1062660

So many here at GLP say the Maitreya is the Anti-Christ and whatnot, What these people fail to understand is that the Maitreya is a Tibetan concept and the title was given to those Master Tibetan Monks and the Title Tibetan means Loving Kindness in the Tibetan Culture.

When these Tibetan Monks past away in the past, they left behind what is known as Relics or Ringsels in Tibet.

It was a very rare opportunity to view these relics, which were found among the cremation ashes of Buddhist masters. They resemble beautiful, pearl-like crystals.

Buddhists believe relics embody the masterís spiritual qualities of compassion and wisdom and are deliberately left behind by the master upon his death.

Visitors often report experiences of inspiration and healing when in the presence of the relics. While some are inspired to pray for world peace and to develop their inner wisdom, others are overcome by emotion as the powerful effects of the relics open their hearts to compassion and loving-kindness.

The relics are clearly visible inside display cases that encircle a life-size, golden statue of the Maitreya Buddha.

Visitors may participate in a Blessing Ceremony where the relics of the Buddha are gently placed on the crown of the visitorís head as a personal blessing.

According to Buddhist scriptures, Maitreya will be the next Buddha to bring teachings of loving-kindness to the world.

As you can see, the Western Powers That Be have twisted the idea of the Maitreya to fit into there own Dark perceptions and FEAR filled world view and turned the Maitreya into the Anti-Christ laugh

I don't automatically believe that "Maitreya" is any "false prophet" as the comment above suggests is possible. The proof is in the pudding after all.

I think we must just keep an open mind instead of rushing to judgement and risk failing to recognize what might indeed be the Second Coming. In Palestine Jesus was not recognized and was crucified out of some people's fear. Let's be careful not to "crucify" by way of public condemnation before we have heard them speak ouselves and weighed their words.

All we can do is, as the comment above suggests, "wait to decide" and not, therefore, make arbitrary judgments out of fear. There is enough fear in the world as it is.

I did further investigation, and find the information so hopeful! It makes me think that we can indeed manifest our unity and thrive as a group of human beings! My heart filled with joy upon reading about Maitreya. For those who are stuck on names, remember, ... A rose by any other name, is still a rose...

Some say that the galactic alignment of our galaxy is allowing for gamma rays to raise our vibratory frequency through the vibration of our third-dimensional matter by feeling love over fear.

Through the light frequency created by the multi-diminesional aspects of love, the energy is to create openings of gateways into other dimensions which allow for other celestial beings to make their way to our 3rd and 4tth dimensional state of time space. The light is said to be growing as the viel is being lifted off of those who live in fear.

This will herald the beginning of 5,000 years of the golden age. Where the wealth and abundance of the earth is to be know by all. The coming of the apocalypse is literally translated as the end of the world as we know it and the loss of fear in favor of love will desimate the control grid of currency and politicians.
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