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Message Subject Cleveland Scene Magazine - LAKE ERIE UFO EXPLAINED? - Sign of the coming Maitreya
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Michael lee Hill here, What is crazy about all of this is I was featured on the History channels "UFO Hunters" episode called "Alien Contact" and Bill Birnes predicted everything which has happened since that episode aired, Bill stated during that show that he believed we were being prepared by a behind the scenes "secret" Military Industrial Complex Group and given a coarse of study to help us prepare to meet our actual "ET's", well that has actually happened!!!!!!

I will share some personal correspondences between this group and myself that was spoken of during that UFO Hunters episode.

A - I was featured on "UFO Hunters" show episode because i am a level 5 contactee.

They flew me to Boston to have by medical & blood tests done by a Harvard Professor. The results of my blood test was that I have an unknown Blood condition/Bloodline that is not normal human blood. I had no clue what any of this bloodline stuff was about at this point.

When I was featured on the History Channel’s UFO Hunters, hosted by Bill Birnes, publisher of UFO Magazine. On the episode, the UFO Hunters decide to test my blood and the blood of another apparent contactee. we both had a unknown very rare blood anomaly/bloodline, A harvard doctor uncovered "non-normal human level" elevated levels of Creatine Kinase, which is a very rare occurrence in just one person, let alone two.

This Anomaly releases massive amount of CK into blood which in turn super Oxygenates the bloodstream, you you will see below what the end result is on the human body.

C - Because of the History Channel show, I made contact with a group of Military Industrial Complex Insiders who began giving me a coarse of study on the subject of Higher Physics, and a true picture of the bigger reality in which humanity finds it'self in at the momemnt.

Here is an example of an insiders information given to me regarding this Blood Anomaly/Bloodline the History Channel revealed.

"and the whole part about not having a choice just verify's the importance of your bloodline. I'm sure you've seen the movie "Dune"? Probably as many times as me? You know how important bloodlines were to them?

You do realize that this blood "anomaly" is something like mitichlorines from Star Wars. oxygen carrying capacity in blood equals percentage potential of nervous system usage and your bodies over all potential electrical capacitance ability. Whether you use the "force" or not the potential is there.

The Scientologists can test for this with that machine of theirs they use for auditing. A question that triggers an deep emotional response would show a much stronger reading with you then most anyone else.

D- I then had my life infiltrated with black-ops agents, 3 that i know of.

One of those 3 came into my life as a new girlfriend who a few months into the relationship and took a Blood sample from me during a very private moment, When I confronted her, she fessed up & told me everything, her first words were "Your hard earned tax dollars being put to good use" and that the group she worked for confirmed what they were looking for in my blood, The Human/Anunnaki hybrid Bloodline.

Below is an E-mail from this secret group of insiders I mentioned, they began to ask me point blank questions such as the following, these are actual cut & Pastes from talks I have had with them.....

It is not a complete surprise to any of us that you were a target of trickery, deceit, malfeasance, misuse, abuse, misinformation and disinformation. To top it all off, you've chosen a most public life that looks like it's reflected back to you all of the fears embedded in the human soul from long ago. But, in between all of the horsepucky, you have been fed some manha. But you'll have to figure out which is which, having chosen the road you are taking. As to your blood anomaly, don't feel lonesome. There are others like you, people that don't get sick very easily, who have factors and strange enzymes that look like nanoscience out of some pulp scifi novel. And who live very, very long lives, and can appear and disappear at will. No big deal. What is a big deal is what you do with the hand that has been dealt to you.

It is obvious you have gone on a testing spree of latent faculties and were mucked with to see what you'd do and how you'd react. If someone wanted you dead, you'd be long gone. But that is not what this is about.

What this is about - for you and for all of the observers interested in your trek - is what's between your ears and in that nervous system of yours fed by the blood others want. And what you are lacking is systematically useful information - about it, about yourself, about your descent, about your own biology, about the faculties you have experienced which have led you to fear and then to new realizations. Living a public life without boundaries and self-imposed limits is like being a candy store yourself and everyone wanting to have a lick at you for the taste (as this woman appeared to be the case, until she essentially cut a piece of your dick for the blood of it), for the experience and for the perceived value of the brand of candy you are.

The world knows now you have something in your blood that makes you different, even without you seriously knowing what it is.

Or do you?

Do you know what it is that is so sought after as confirmation of descent?

If not, why not?

If yes, what are you going to do about it (the information)?

And when are you going to stop the world and get off it, like you would a bus, for a while, to take stock of the experiences and of the questions before you?

I am going to share one of the letters from this secret group of Military Industrial Complex Insiders sent to me, I can't reveal the name of this group right now or reveal any names but I think you will find this letter most interesting because It is filled with knowledge that not to many people on the planet are even privy too...


Thursday 10 July 2008

Dear Michael:
Thank you for your email today. I just received a copy of what you sent, and decided to reply with a letter directly to you. From where I’m sitting, I hear two Michaels speak out – the musical Michael, which is a musically inclined personna that’s gone through a musical evolution, and the private Michael, which is the one that’s gone through an awakening. Inside, both seem so closely tied that it may or may not be noticeable to you. In here, I’m going to answer to both, and hope that the real Michael (who is the blend of both worlds) understands the words I use in replying to your long note to us, and to me.

You know, these two Michaels have a distinct role to play in this whole crazy thing we are all participating in. I’ve wondered, and had asked XXXXX more than once, just why is it that you came to us. He pointed out your reply to him when one of us asked whether or not you were sure about doing a concentration with us.

XXXXX and I will be your guides, once you get under way. What I am still trying to grasp is who the group is that is in touch with you, and why did they give you approval to work with us. There are several possibilities as possible answers to those questions. But we’ll save them for much later, at a time when the three of us are together somewhere, somewhen. I say these, as a kind of preface to you, because I am a wide eyed, curious, born-in-Missouri show-me kind of guy. But I also have enough gnosive experiences to know how it all works, why, and what the rules are. Gnosive is a word you’re going to hear and read often from now on, so you might as well get introduced to what it means.

Gnosive is a mode of getting information that uses all, every pore and cell of your body as one huge antenna that sets up interference with fields and fields and more fields not just in our space/time but also in other space/time ratios.

In saying all of this, please also be prepared to ditch and completely discard anything you might have learned about how the human body-mind really works, and expect to have your notions of reality, materiality, spirit, God, and What Is be severely challenged. Many rebel, but I don’t think you will…. Something tells me you won’t.

Gnosive IS our lifeline to anything and everything and everyone else – not just Earth human, but also to other forms of life in the universe. Know-how, knowings, and knowledge we have plenty to offer you. What you do with it is what I stand ready to be surprised and glad and awed.

I now know that all of us Earth humans are intricately woven into a connective tissue-like weave, much more than a network, and much more like a kind of overfunction - spokes to a grand wheel at the center of which is nothing and everything, because all of us together are It. This may sound like just another construction to support the Christian view of a Christ, but it is not. Come to find out, EVERY living form in our known universe (and from other space/time ratios) are organized like that. We’ve known this for over twenty years now, and keep learning how it all works, and why.

Then there are those who are not from here, some of whom are already on planet surface, some already living around where you live and elsewhere in the upper Midwest. They look like you and me, but you can tell they are not from here. The life forms with whom you are connected to and communicate with may well have "representative" or "crew members" already on the surface, in Ohio and other nearby states. This would not surprise me in the least; in fact, by what you described in your email, I would expect it. Let me then give you a capsule view of what we are about, what kind of science we practice, what I believe is the set of reasons ‘they’ sent you here to us, and what my vision is of why you are here.

About us. We are a germ that was planted in the soil of some minds back in the early ‘80s and germinated in some of us in the later years of that decade. The idea did not come from any of us, but rather from one of ‘them.’ From those small beginnings, we are now still a small group (50+) but we are independent of any organized worldview and control, and we are organized as a cooperative that operates by consensus of all its members. It is a handful to operate, but it keeps us out of the penetration and control of outside forces – if you know what I mean. The principle is simple: some can be fooled all of the time, all can be fooled part of the time, but not all can be fooled all of the time. In the latter years of the decade of the 90s, we had prima-donnas and egomaniacs who wanted to be the stars, and it almost tore the whole group apart. But, fortunately, everyone saw things for what they were and decided as a group that we did not want that; we wanted all involved and participating according to individual plans and wishes. Our mission statement is simple: we are here to study what can be said about what Nature is and how she works. The story is continuing to evolve; the whole thing is a work in progress. But we are of one mind about the mission. And we accept help from wherever and whenever it comes, provided the interests and purposes of those sources of help are similar (consonant) to what we see to be the interests of the human race (and not just the controlling forces that now direct and control all significant aspects of our evolution, science, technology, etc.).

We have decided to be wide-eyed about things, especially about those who are not from here. We chose not be label them as aliens, ufonauts, and some of the other words often used to name them. We simple deal with what it, and what is (with the exception of one group) is that they are not from here.

Our Science

One of the things we discovered without intending to is that the universe and all other aspects of it is actually idiomaterial. Idiomaterial means that it is matter and thought and we can’t tell it apart. Life physics (which is what came out of this effort) literally leads us to seek explanations on causation, not just the unification of all forces of nature (as material or standard physics does). We use a means and method of going out of the body that is technologically supported and allows a person to do that on demand; we called it extension neurosensing (or ENS for short). The theory and technology was developed by some of us. This technology showed us that the world (universe), life (not only biological life but all other forms of life, even non biological ones), God (or what we discovered lays behind the ‘source’ of all energetics in what we came to call the Unum – everything that emanates and finds source at a T [or Thought]-boundary. This is not just a mathematical construction, but a ‘place’ one can see, some can even visit and survive it as form. And yes, it is a source of infinite love. We have learned much from it and about how Nature is and works in the last twenty or so years. We have also learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a species or biological kind (or simply biokind).

As you get started, your are going to be literally bombarded with a whole lot to read and absorb. This will go on for the better part of a year or so. You’ll be expected to write essays to explain what and how you are piecing together the new picture you develop of how things really work. The focus during this first year will be on how Nature works and how we human beings can master the use of what Nature offers us, and all those who are like us who already know much better and much more than us at present. We will encourage you to write well and often, and hope that some of the things you come up with are publishable. Most of the other Research Fellows are doing just that now, some of whom have already published for all members of the "XXXX" Group to read and comment on. You will then have the chance and opportunity to interact with them by phone and by messenger on what they said about what you wrote, and defend, modify and update your point of view. Most everything you read will go a long way toward helping you unlearn what you learned before and what you think you know about the subject(s). I’m here to tell you that not all is the way it’s cracked out to be. Fox Mulder, the famous FBI agent in The X-Files had a saying on his office wall that said, "The Truth is out there!" under the photo of a UFO. Well, we politely disagree and state categorically that "The Truth is everywhere!" and here you are going to learn to tap into the Truth that is due you by the effort and time you put in seeking it. One thing that you’ll discover as you move into this new realm of knowledge is that as you learn and evolve, you’ll reach new levels of knowing and know how, and that this comes with new responsibilities and patterns of thinking and behavior. The whole thing is really a kind of personal bootstrapping by the sweat of your brow and the mind that is married to your body.

We say superposed to your body, because they both coexist in the same space/time. And you’ll get to learn and use new languaging systems that involve much more than just words. An example of this you are already experiencing with your extraterrestrial contacts; you have a languaging system that allows you both to communicate with each other, both ways. Eventually, you’ll also experience things in the Unum itself, a realm of space/time ratios in which some of the spatial dimensions are enfolded and create initial problems to a neurosensor just beginning because it creates perceptual effects that are weird to the uninitiated and inexperienced. But that’s all right; with time, wisdom comes and from wisdom new and far more expanded understanding. In the same vein, you’ll also inevitably going to move to, and ultimately grasp and understand the need of something called topological thinking, which to most of us represents the next stage in mental development for the human race on Earth. And you’ll learn how to develop this in yourself, because you’ll need to in order to progress along a path you’ll also realize is there and open to you.

Ultimately, you’ll come to see that everything, literally, is physics – but not a physics that is exclusively material or exclusively noetic (thought), but both – in other words, idiomaterial. This is far beyond even subquantum physics. You’ll come to see and realize that every cell, indeed, every elementary particle that makes your body particulate, is a black hole and a white hole at the same time, and that this merges everything you are made of with a vacuum (actually a plenum) that is full of energy that constitutes a literal ocean of it. The entire universe, which is but one of seven superdomains, is nothing but particles that emerge from and go back to this plenum in a kind of continuous, neverending Texas two-step dance. And you’ll also discover that there are millions of possible infinities which are intimately and forever connected to what to us is infinitesimal – smaller than the smallest piece of matter. So you’ll get to touch both infinity and the Planck limit – the boundary of the infinitesimal – during your journey with us. And you’ll realize that the human mind is far more powerful than humankind today even fathoms.

Why you Were Led To Us

This is an interesting exercise for us, because we distinctly get it that it has to do with what your friends who are not from here want you to learn and evolve into. You see, right now, they see and sense your good heart and open, connected intention and life giving ways. You also have music in you, but not in the sense of just playing the guitar or composing songs. You see, to create matter, you need music – or more specifically, sounds. Not just any one sound, but specific sound frequencies in combination. You’ll also learn about this in the course of your concentration. And you’ll learn how to use them to light encode objects out of thin air.

Yes, what we spoke about before, As you said in your biography – synchronicity. And the synchronicities do not end there.

With you comes to all of us new roads, avenues and doors that you already opened for yourself. You’ve already crossed these doors. When these new doors you’ve already crossed become aware of your bootstrapping new self, new interest will arise in what you as part of all of us bring to the world. In that sense, the mission you set for yourself comes to pass, and with you as part of a far larger thing. This also translates into the entertainment as education aspect of this whole thing we are doing means. An act you learn to do and produce will speak a billion words. This will definitely get attention, and it is incontrovertible – you cannot argue with it. And the kind of music you may come to know and write and produce will be nothing like what exists today, because you’ll most likely learn to use the true Pythagorean scale, from which creation itself comes. Think also of the value of getting to know your flying friends by pressing the flesh, as it were. Don’t discount it. Maybe being here is what they hope you will use in getting to that point with them. There is a far larger issue, many new problems and immense opportunity all blended into one phenomenon in that. But this is one phenomenon we will have to participate in very carefully and very intelligently. We are not without contacts in this respect. And much, much more needs to yet be done in this area.

So welcome to the stage, brother. Life will never again be the same for you. Only you can determine and decide if what you’ve chosen was the right thing for you. I suspect strongly it is, but that is not for me to declare with strong emphasis. Funny, though, the stage onto which you’ve jumped in your vision or dream is not the only one where there is a small audience. This one too has an audience of a handful now. But, as the message to me was, Build it and they will come," said, they will and they are coming. As all the other Research Fellows are finding out now, you too will realize that you’ll learn by teaching others what you develop, evolve into, and become.

Finally, and extremely telling by how you sign off, peace is the basis, the platform, from and through which most of what you’ll learn to become comes through. Without peace, you are quite right to say that fear reigns in the human heart and mind. And that we cannot allow to happen. Our own survival and thrive as a biokind rides on it.

At peace,
Managing Scientist


I have been given a coarse of study from this secret group just as Bill Birnes predicted on the History Channel show.

As I stated, i have met many "ET"s" now, The main group's I have been personally contacted by in all of this is the Anunnaki, both the ones who have been here all along but hidden behind the scenes and the "Incoming" Anunnaki as well.

The Anunnaki are returning, and I believe that is why the masses are being being prepared with shows such as the History Channels Ancient Aliens show, in particular the "The Mission" episode which delt almost exclusively with the Anunnaki.

I can't get into much more info from this group because in all reality I have more than likely shared to much already but i feel it is important to set the story strait to what has unfolded in my life.

Last but not least, i would like to share a communication I recieved from an "Military Industrial Complex Insider" as an example of what these "Insiders" are telling me about what they know regarding me & my contact with these ORBS OF Light...



I`m termed a sub contractor (W.S.F.M)
(These folks make pilotless drones for fire fighting with NASA)
[link to ntrs.nasa.gov]

More of Boyd Bushmans revelations are being run through several labs/tests as we speak Michael, you will be kept up to speed.

(This individual is speaking about Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin Boyd Bushman's testimony from David Sereda's & my film From Here To Andromeda - [link to www.fromheretoandromeda.com] )

You will have no doubts by now Michael that the intelligences associated with the orbs selected you, just as you have since become aware that the intelligence agencies know this also but, are at a loss what to do about it.

All are awaiting the orbs associated intelligences moves unfold via interaction with you.

Part of the reason of your selection was your frame of mind , you exihibited/transmitted neither fear nor anger, painful to these orb intelligences and much magnified, to what may be imagined.

Your enthusiasm to transmit your encounters is also factor

It is no coincedence that you are witnessing and recording the complete range of UK Ministry Of Defence phenomena, there is motive and close/direct & mental encounters which I believe will be revealed soon.

- (W.S.F.M) sub contractor

Then through another communication it was stated how the Powers That Be had tried to silence the Lake Erie UFO Story and discredit me in the process, This was my exact reply...

"They sure did try to shut down this Lake Erie UFO story but the fact is the actual ufo activity over lake Erie is growing and growing and hundreds of people are seeing and filming it. All the major media has covered the story and they have here filming these objects as well. Early May you will see this story all over the news.

So Yes, They did try and discredit me a few years ago but we are well beyond that now and you can't keep a good man down. I have never given up trying to help humanity no matter what they said because i knew the TRUTH. I will be vindicated now because this story is going worldwide, It is disclosure."

Here is his actual response to what I wrote...

And out of those "hundreds" we have you the one chosen by Enki to be his messenger. er wait....you're the Maitreya.

And you need vindication because you don't care what anyone thinks about you.


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1349259

you satanic suck up

what a fool

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