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Message Subject Cleveland Scene Magazine - LAKE ERIE UFO EXPLAINED? - Sign of the coming Maitreya
Poster Handle SunnyDaze
Post Content
could you please make yourself perfectly clear Mike ... and tell us if you believe that you are "the" Maitreya ... because I am confused ... the vid you posted says clearly that Maitreya is not a person it is a concept - "loving kindness" ...

is everyone who sees a UFO flashing, Maitreya too

as for your friend, and yourself, having different "blood" - that is very easily explained ... the Annunaki have technology - far in advance of our - that includes the ability to genetically alter individuals before they are born ... I don't know the details, but when-ever they have an agenda that requires a human to introduce it, because of humanities innate distrust of ETs - they "tweek" a zygote (I am not privy to the details) and implant a "program" that will be triggered by an external event (perhaps a ufo flashing its lights) If the mission is important enough, they will tweek several individuals - because Human's have free will, and can resist this programing ... but when they find someone who is willing to go along with the programing, they usually WOW them over by inviting them to their home planet, where they are met by Anu's son ... who re-enforces the "mission" and asks the individual if they want to participate

if they say yes, then the individual is "guided" by other individuals and trained, to serve their role in the latest plan to decieve humans into being the willing slaves of the Annunaki ...

the world is looking for a "savior" right now - more so than at any time in our "modern" history ... they have been "prepped" to accept Maitreya for decades now ... and if you have some "hidden power" that will convince these sheep that you are the shepherd that they have been waiting for, ( the Christ, Imam Mahdi, Krishna, Bodhisattva, the Messiah, and the Buddha ) the personification of "loving kindness - then they will follow you

and if you lead them to the Annunaki - then like all good shepherds you will give them to him for a "reward" and then he will do with them as he pleases

If the Annunaki thought for one moment that Humanity would accept an ET as their "Lord" - they wouldn't need to go through all this trouble and time ... they would just appear and everyone would freak right out when they saw them in their natural state - they wouldn't trust them for a second

There are Humans, who live in another "dimension" here on earth who are revealing and exposing the Annanaki's agenda to keep Humanity enslaved - as humanity's consciousness evolves it becomes more difficult for them to convince the Humans that they need a "savior" or a "god" so they need to do something NOW if they are going to keep their slave from revolting

they need a "savior" or someone willing to play that role - whom they have tweeked so that they can play it convincingly - my demonstrating "super-natural" powers ... but the truth is, Mike, If you go along with their plan, then you will be betraying your species ... because you are not Annunaki ... they can not incarnate into this Human Instrument because their technology has de-activated their souls and you need a Soul to activate the Human Instrument ... merely "possing" a human is not good enough ... they need a real Human to convince other Humans that this individual can be trusted

you seem harmless enough ... but are you willing to betray your species ? I know that it appears that the world needs some one to lead them, but that is because we are not "fully developed" ... but where will you lead them Mike- you don't seem very convinced that you are even Human - so why would we follow you?
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