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Message Subject Cleveland Scene Magazine - LAKE ERIE UFO EXPLAINED? - Sign of the coming Maitreya
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
But when you ask Michael if he is ENKI/Maitreya, his answer is both yes and no. He said to me: "I have lived in many incarnations; one as a monk in Tibet", but he is quite certain that he is the Maitreya the world has been waiting for.

He tells me that ENKI and Maitreya are just two different labels for the same incarnating 'Soul/Higher Self (Oversoul)'. He says he is Michael, he is ENKI, and he is Maitreya as well. "I have had many, many names. What I am is nameless, but not voiceless", he says.

He explains further that he is ENKI's counterpart here on Earth, and if we look up the definition of 'counterpart' in 'Dictionary.com', we find one definition saying: "4. one of two parts that fit, complete, or complement one another." That would probably be our best definition, meaning that ENKI as a full being is the Higher Self, the Oversoul. This Oversoul can then split herself into different fragments in order to live different incarnations.
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