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Message Subject Weird Fossil??.. Aboriginal artifact??... Alien egg??... PHOTOS... pls help me work out what this is...
Poster Handle Timewarlord
Post Content
So.. Ive been looking up all your suggestions to see if any of them fit...

Dinosaur Egg- This does surprisingly look similar to my 'thing'.I was surprised to learn not all dinosaur eggs and oval.. some are round and even look 'sculpted' very strange.
[link to www.dinosaurstore.com]
[link to www.flickr.com]

Petrified Ostrich Egg- cant find any examples.. only ordinary ostrich eggs.

Thunderegg/Concretion- Possibly.. only because it looks a little like a rock though.. But i dont think so. Its hollow.. and I doubt its heavy enough to be one... and the markings dont fit.. Im not going to try and crack it open to find out!
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Old Cricket Ball- nope
[link to www.google.com.au]

Crinoid Fossils- These do look alot like the markings on this 'thing'. Im just not sure what the object is that these fossils are on...
[link to www.kgs.ku.edu]

Old Orange- nooo
[link to www.stockphotos.ro]

This is fake.. OP's wife made it..- Im sure she could have made something like this if she tried, she's very talented.. I looked up 'hollow clay ball' and couldnt find much like it.. I did find an instrument called a Bhorrindo. A hollow clay ball/weird shaped thing... but they have 3 holes.. and arent as big..
[link to www.kutchforever.com]

Grinding Stone- It could be.. they had round and long ones.. but they were usually solid stone.. I dont think it would be practical to be hollow.. and the markings..?
[link to www.google.com.au]

Im more interested now than I was before.. lol Very puzzling.
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