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The University of Washingtons immoral and unethical experiment to test for God's existence

The Kingfisher
User ID: 1353827
United States
04/23/2011 11:00 AM
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The University of Washingtons immoral and unethical experiment to test for God's existence
The Announcement

The University of Washington's Human Behavioral Studies Department has willfully participated in a scandalous, lawless, unprecedented Orwellian experiment to test for the existence of the Judeo/Christian God. The University's involvement has presented us with a blatant disregard for the Constitutional Freedoms and Civil Rights that are still guaranteed to all US citizens. Furthermore, the University of Washington has contracted members within a nationwide organization to carryout a series of malicious, illegal and lawless actions toward this particular US born Christian citizen. These hired “domestic terrorists” have openly expressed their intentions of video recording this citizen’s murder for both profit and entertainment. This is referred to in Hollywood as a "snuff flick".
The original premise expressed by the University's contracted men was this; "If your God exists, he will prevent you from becoming murdered, because that is what we have planned for you." This disregard for the value and dignity of human life, and of the God given inalienable rights of all citizens in this country has revealed this institutions deficiency in both ethical & moral standards. Several University of Washington alumni have used their great wealth, political and mass media connections to suppress this information from the Greater Seattle area populations’ eyes and ears. “Apparently, they have an delusional image to uphold.”
This Christian has miraculously avoided several abduction attempts over the years, but has not allowed these ‘domestic terrorist’ from prohibiting him from living his Christian lifestyle as a law abiding, contributing citizen.
His biggest disappointments have been with the negligible; indifferent publicly funded agencies and community leaders who are in place to prevent something like this from happening on United States soil. When he approached the local elected officials, media types, community leaders, ACLU, etc. on more than one occasion - they just passed him on to some other institution or outright ignored his request for genuine assistance. The truth is that in most circumstances, he was ridiculed or mocked by these public servants.
This citizen has a renewed appreciation for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Jesus Christ has revealed His existence long before this shameful experiment was ever initiated. There is a cloud of witnesses in every community throughout this world who can testify to how Jesus Christ has transformed their individual lives. Jesus has answered prayers, performed miraculous healings and/or have set them free from the bondages of alcohol or drug abuse, materialism, bitterness, despair, greed, fear, selfishness, depression, idol worship and even sexual immorality. Unfortunately, these witnesses are not given many chances to share their testimonies publicly.
The two University of Washington Alumni who spearheaded this experiment are one, a former roommate of the persecuted man and two, a vindictive ex-girlfriend of his who worked for the University Of Washington's Human Behavioral Studies Department up to 2003. They dated for several months while they both attended Edmonds Community College in 1990. For obvious reasons, those who have participated in this experiment do not want to be exposed for their actions and they have gone to great lengths to discredit and/or marginalize the Christian citizen they have maliciously attacked.
Jesus Christ is the only Savior for all of mankind - “for the Truth has revealed the Truth” – the results from the malicious experiment have revealed this – Jesus has answered my prayers, protected me from the contracted abductors and has guided me to where I needed to be for His Will to be accomplished.” All Glory and Honor goes only to Jesus Christ.

User ID: 1295924
United States
04/23/2011 11:37 AM
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Re: The University of Washingtons immoral and unethical experiment to test for God's existence
''I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace.''
—President George W. Bush, Washington, D.C. June 18, 2002