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Message Subject ^^^NASA to reveal Alien ET Message Wednesday January 26 2011^^^
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hi ufo,
my name is andrea blahová.i live in village drnovice 640,post code 68304,the czech republic.i was born in december 10,1977.my father died and electricity is expensive or cheap in the future.winter is cruel or warm in december in the czech republic.ufo mocha can be from other planet.www.mocha.alien
bma is from my brain or other names of ufos.
member of the plejaren federation
im not wealthy,i only try to think what name ufo can have.
is princess diana alive?who is diana with black hair?
i heard different news on radio or in book.princess diana got pain on the chest and doctors did massage to diana and in book is that opened her chest and doctors did something with artery.who is diana with black hair?jesus kristus stand*from cofin.perhaps body of princess got aliven.
princess diana is wonderful lady and she can be alive.
i am weak.people pay me little money and i have british qualification ncfe working with children.my czech language is bad ,mark C.i wish cheap electricity and fruit on planet earth.bananas,apples got spoilt when it is expensive.
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