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Subject My dad just called my unemployed friend (recent college grad) a loser
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've known this guy since I was 8 years old, he was my best friend all through school, and we took separate paths in college. I went the engineering route and found a job, but he majored in political science for undergrad and got his graduate degree in public admin and has been unemployed for the past year.

He is living with his parents and my dad calls him "pathetic," "a loser," "spoiled," and "weak." It makes me mad because I know this guy is bright and has a passion for that field, but I hate the way people will judge you if you aren't "successful" and going through rough times.

It's not just my father either. Many people look down their nose at you if you aren't rolling in dough and really getting ahead in life. It's like you are inferior if you don't fit the overachiever mold, for whatever reason.

Very sad, and I consider myself to be conservative. I just have empathy for others and am not cold-hearted like so many of these self-righteous types are.

If you are going through similar troubles as my best friend, my prayers are with you.
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