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Message Subject My dad just called my unemployed friend (recent college grad) a loser
Poster Handle Fatstogie
Post Content
Your dad measures life success in dollars. Hes more lost than your friend is. And being broke is very helpful in enlightenment.

if i hadnt gone unemployed for 2 years in 08,09 i may never have had the time to find myself at all.

Tell your dad, fuck money. And fuck a job(slavery).

Oh and i install a/c. But i work as little as possible. Tomorrow i could work if i wanted. But i dont want to. And shit i only have a couple grand in the bank. But ii dont even care to amass savings anymore.

I had savings that i used while i was unemployed.

And im 26. NOt many 26 year olds hold a contractors license. At least not that ive met. And ive met quite a few. But who cares. What does it mean?

The same thing as money means. Nothing.

Although i used to say teh same things, untill it was my ass that was unemployed. Tell your friend not to worry about it. Embrace his tribulation. It puts a lot into perspective when your not being a busy bee doing bullshit during the prime time of the day all the time.
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