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Strange Radio Broadcast from years ago, involving Reagan

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1356197
United States
04/25/2011 06:39 AM
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Strange Radio Broadcast from years ago, involving Reagan
I have a memory from my childhood that I can only assume is not real, or some sort of hoax since I have never heard it discussed anywhere by anyone since. I think it was sometime around George Bush Seniors first year in office, and I remember hearing a radio report of a disturbing scene with Ronald Reagan, who had come to visit. Apparently he had sat down in the President's office and refused to leave. There was actual audio recording of Reagan screaming like a child, and GB speaking calmly yet firmly trying to convince him to leave. This was quite a long time before reports of Reagan suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

Looking back on this I can only conclude a few possible answers. 1. It was an early manifestation of Reagan's Alzheimer's which someone caught on tape, but which was subsequently censored from all radio and TV after the initial report got out....or 2. it was a Radio joke/prank. The thing is....it was Definitely not played for humor at all when I heard it on the radio. The reporters were dead serious. Of course there is also the possibility that somehow my mind made up this whole memory....yet I remember it so clearly that this seems impossible.

Has anyone else heard this strange broadcast?