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Message Subject Are RAVES used for demonic/reptilian/alien possession??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, no question.. Yes! It is a hive mind, 3rd eye cult that uses drugs and fear/trauma to open people up to dark spirits; had a few good friends lose it and self-destruct literally.

They've tried to do the same to me but I studied archetypes, mythology and programming techniques and was able to gain context and defend myself. Once a friend of mine died as a result of his own actions while suffering from a psychotic episode related to this influence. I was with him in the early years and he described the same kind of psychic intrusion. Once you're "spun," it's hard to break free because on the one hand you have the cult agents vying for your allegiance in order to keep "family secrets," doctors/clergy/family diagnosing and doubting your sanity and "the other ones" constantly barraging you with matrix-like dreams/negative real-life scenarios designed to make you appear unstable or mentally ill if you speak out or resist the program.

If you don't play their game they want you to commit suicide, be incarcerated/hospitalized or hurt someone else; if this doesn't work they will try to get at you through your friends or co-workers; if this doesn't work they will back off and attempt to get you realigned with a weaker form of the program, using all manner of seduction aimed at playing to your your weaknesses/habits in an effort to break into your shield. They won't give up, this is a lifelong path of self-discovery but what they don't know is that they're here as catalysts to wake you up and perfect you.

What I did next is not recommended but probably mandatory to truly understanding the phenomena; I went undercover and exposed myself to the "scene." The operation uses occult magick, sex and alchohol/drugs to implant thoughtforms enforcing the program. They use staged events or synchronicities to confirm hallucinations, incriminate, humiliate or corrupt and "organized stalking" which is coordinated amongst therapists/doctors, cult members, informants and government officials/first responders/cops.

There is a spiritual component involving higher order intelligences or aeons/egregores that I still don't have completely figured out. Do your research if your are being targetted, but be aware that you will have your reality turned upside down and put yourself at extreme risk. Just remember to follow your heart and know that it is all a feedback loop; you have a choice no matter what. Above all, have no fear. Good luck!
 Quoting: joshua 1355858

Me either. I was in the scene for quite a while. When I finally rejected it all the system came after me. I highly doubt it was human beings "conspiring" against me. Rather, it was some sort of higher level consciousness that threw numerous synchronicities at me and failing that sent the cops after me.
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