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Message Subject Are RAVES used for demonic/reptilian/alien possession??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Your friend is correct! I myself have been going to ultra music festival in miami for over 5 years in a row, and finally this year i realized it all, is all a controlled enviroment and a mind control event, pretty much a devil worshipin event, so raves must be kind of the same. This evil entitys have control of the music industry, clubs, movies, porn, pretty much is all one big circle, lets say one Artist might do music, but he also does a movie role or voice play, and then he does a commercial. is like they target you in different ways with the same people! Theres no point to try to find out the truth because, it is real. The best thing i can tell you is to get away from all that and stay positive. W.e happens in this world if you are positive your energy will always be poitive and even if your body were to die for w.e reason all that matters is that your energy is positive and you will get to keep living in that positive energy. To transform into something else. But just stay positive and try to get away from all that i did and i have never felt better. And used to be a big time electronic music and x consumer. But i realized what the music speaks and how they make it seem like is all good and love music but is not, its just literally trying to get you to think in the opposite dirrection! I feel sorry for so many young kids who are getting into this at an early age, they will have no shot at getting out. Its too addictive!!!
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