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Message Subject the smoking gun that obama's BC is fake...................
Poster Handle douglas 606
Post Content
One element of the recent Obama Long Form Certificate has today come under consideration as evidence of amateurish tampering.

In 1961 the BC forms were typed on a manual typewriter that was set for a left margin and tabbed to the form being filled in. Most documents were designed for tabbed typing, which is of course only sensible. I've done this many times.

With the Nordyke BCs we see that items, 1,6,8,10, 13,15 of the inserted information that's typed is presented with a clean vertical left margin. The additional filled-in information is evenly spaced vertically in the provided fields].

On the recent Obama LFC we see that the left margin is not vertical and the information inserted into the same fields is high, low, moved to the right and all over the place, so to speak.

It appears that a person who may have altered this form was not familiar with old typewriters and forms and was not aware of this. Therefore, these discrepancies, raise a red flag.

Expert forensic examiners of course will have to study the offered document to be able to state if this doc is altered or not. So far, things don't look too promising that this is an authentic unaltered document.

I'm not a total expert on document authentication but I am very well acquainted with old forms and manual typewriters. In my Navy days I filled in hundreds of similar forms and I always set the tab and margin to FIT the form.

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