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Message Subject LEARN "WHY" MAY 21 2011
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why so many bs flags?
The OP obviously took a lot of time to compile and post all of this information. The math makes perfect sense based on the scriptures. If your beliefs don't coincide, why not explain your own reasoning rather than throw up that flag?
I believe that the end is very near, however, I do not think that we have entered the tribulation yet. It may very well start of May 21st.
The bible says that there will be weaping and gnashing of teeth. Men will beat themselves in lamentation. They will cast their gold and silver into the streets because 1. It will have no value and 2. It can not be used to purchase salvation.
I also do not think that the end will be May 21st because the bible says that the governments of the world will proclaim that they have achieved true peace and security....Then the end will come. With all the conflicts going on right now, I just don't see that happening.
I genuinely believe that we are entering the great tribulation now. We have an engineered dollar collapse, unemployment is at the highest level in history and governments and business are destroying the earth with oil spills, nuclear melt-downs, chemicals in the water and the like.
The bible says the God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth.
I cant remember where it is at but it also says that the name of Jehovah would be know throughout all the lands. I believe this means that everyone will need to know who the true God is before the end. That is why it says to "Go therefore and make deciples." It is everyone's responsibility to make sure that their friends, neighbors, familiy, and anyone else you can reach be told the truth so that they may know salvation.
I don't believe that I am saved. I am a sinner and I know that........But I will not trash someone else's belief because I do not agree with it, or as one poster put it, "Too many words".
Nice job OP.....Thank you for this post...I found it very interesting and enlightening.
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