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CNN iReport - New Video Proof of Mass UFO Sightings reported over Euclid OHIO Apartments in March 2010!

Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/28/2011 01:23 PM
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CNN iReport - New Video Proof of Mass UFO Sightings reported over Euclid OHIO Apartments in March 2010!
[link to ireport.cnn.com]

CNN iReport EUCLID, Ohio -- Eugene Erlikh said a bizarre series of lights flickered outside his apartment building window. "It gets bright, bright, bright," said Erlikh, 20. "Different colors and then it gets dim and as soon as it gets dim, it starts moving from there, this way."

Erlikh said the unexplained light show has appeared in the skies over Lake Erie for six nights and his friend, Nick Hausen, was also a witness.]"At first, I figured it was just a star but the way it would move, it would move so fast, I've never seen anything like it."

The UFO sightings at Euclid, Ohio, continues now for the ninth day in a row, as reported by MSNBC reporter David Schuster.

With the news spreading on this consistent sighting over more than one week, people are apparently camping out along the banks of Lake Erie to watch.

The UFO is a single ball of light in the night sky that is showing movement and witnesses at the scene say that the object is changing color.

Schuster interviewed British Ufologist Nick Pope for this report, who agrees that the sighting is very unusual. Schuster contacted both the FAA and the military, and cannot find a manmade explanation for this sighting.

Pope says that further investigation must be done to rule out other natural or mannade explanations.

Here is the MSNBC Story

Now you see I live in Northeast Ohio in the city next to Euclid Ohio, When I go down to Lake Erie and look to my left (West) the first big structures along the shoreline are those Euclid Apartments situated right on the shores of lake Erie.

Those are the same Apartments Eugene lived in and all those people were reporting seeing these Multi Colored Balls Of light flying around their Apartmant complexes.

Well this is the footage to back up what those folks were saying.

Those Apartments are Aprox. 2 miles strait west from where I filmed.

In this new footage this huge Multi-Colored Light hovers by the Apartments for a good 4 or 5 minutes.

The fact that it just sit's there and hovers for minutes & Minutes without even moving negates the possiblity it can even be an Airplane because I filmed it from 2 miles away and it would have been long gone flown right over my head if it were a plane.
This will end these are Aircraft BS once & for all.

Anyhow....Here is the VIDEO's

Remember what was being Witnessed and reported back in March 2010 was multiple huge Multi-Colored Ball's Of Light hovering by Apartments in Euclid Ohio.

And here is another new Close Up Video of another Lake Erie Sighting I personally witnessed and filmed the following video.