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Help! I'm looking for some work by BILL COOPER.. mentioned at the end of Mystery Babylon...

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04/28/2011 09:23 PM
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Help! I'm looking for some work by BILL COOPER.. mentioned at the end of Mystery Babylon...
Hey.. looking for something here, and I thought you guys could help!
At the very end of William Cooper's mystery babylon series he says this:

[And I'm] not [going to] go deeper into particulars [that are] so degrading to human nature. [William Cooper: I can see you squirming in your seats as it is, so I will have mercy.] I will[, instead,] invite you to follow me [by steadily listening to the Hour of the Time into] a corner...where [you may begin to more readily understand where we are at, and where we are going, for there are many who have traveled this route before in the history of the world. It is enacted in cycles, and those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. There is a place in the world where], at least for many ages religion was preserved in its pristine purity, and whose priests, through a barbarous soldiery, were received as martyrs [they claim] in heaven before they had [even] learned to be knaves upon [this] earth.

It was an isolated spot unknown to the world in the earlier ages of vice. It is now a kingdom renowned for its [once great] power [that encircled the grove] and for its luxuries from hemisphere to hemisphere[, and for its civilizing influence and also its abject cruelty].

It was encircled by the blue waters of the German and Atlantic Seas, and abounded in the choicest gifts of nature.

It was called The White Island from those cliffs which still frown so coldly upon Gaul, and The Land of Green Hills from its verdant mountains.

[William Cooper: There's a song during World War II called, White Cliffs of Dover. In subsequent broadcasts, and they may not be coming soon, I will take you to that land...]

...and I will show you its priests in their white robes, and its warriors in the blue paint of war, and its virgins with their long and glossy yellow hair.

[William Cooper: And I will tell you the truth of the ancient religion of Britain, and it has absolutely nothing to do with any lost tribe of Israel. We will begin that journey some...some propitious evening, where...]

...I will lead you back into the past, and relate to you why this land was called Albion, and why Britain.
As he mentioned this at his Mystery Babylon masterpiece.. I think it must be of significant value. Does anyone know where I could find the shows he does on this ?? I'm really itching to hear it!! Thanks in advance.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/13/2012 01:50 AM
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Re: Help! I'm looking for some work by BILL COOPER.. mentioned at the end of Mystery Babylon...
no one? i am interested also. I brought to the site by this question