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Time to Wake the FUCK UP !

User ID: 1004666
United States
04/29/2011 01:10 AM
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Time to Wake the FUCK UP !
I see what they (Obamaco) are going to do with this birth certificate business. If you dare question the authenticity of the supposed long form that was released, that automatically makes you a “birther” and as we know, all “birthers” are racist; so therefore (going by this twisted logic), IF YOU DARE QUESTION ITS AUTHENTICITY, YOU’RE A RACIST. Many will (sadly) fall for this ruse. Those on the (supposed) “other side” of the “issue” will call Obama “illegitimate”- while giving it crypto-racist undertones. Both sides will fuel each other into a political bloodbath until Obama wins . The only wild card now I see is Trump. But who is really taking THAT seriously (certainly not Trump)
What I find interesting is that all the black democratic party supporters and politicians are now on overdrive (ex: Jesse Jackson, etc.) , and working overtime to define EVEN any news agency talking about the birth certificate issue as newsworthy “racist” also. There is no doubt that there are some racists in the “birther” “movement” , but the whole lumping of people into generalized groups just because they have the “audacity” to use their heads and question things (like the authenticity of a dubious looking birth certificate) I find particularly appalling. What this is in actuality IS, is a kind of reverse-racism – using Obama’s (half) blackness (once again, along with “white guilt”) as a way to gain faith again in the Obama (i.e. the Democratic party), and bring lesser-evilism to new heights (“well at least Obama is not in a party of racists”<who of course, is ANY politician in ANY party who has the “audacity” to question The birth certificate’s authenticity). What they’re doing is whipping up emotions to win sympathy votes for this guy who was supposed to be a decent president but turned out to be a corporate shill just like the last just (who was just like the last one <who was just like like the one before him….and so on, and so on, ad nauseum) .
It’s all a fake diversion. You and I know that the CIA (a.k.a. Obamaco) knew better than to even put that fake ass “birth certificate” (out and make it such an obvious fake ta boot). This is all part of a useful psychological experiment (“psyop) too: How stupid can we make this debate. How dumbed-down can we bring the people, so that the only debate becomes over a piece of paper rather than policies.
Here’s why they did it so blatantly and why they don’t care:
1- it becomes a non-issue after both (created) “sides” shout at each other until they’re blue in the face: “it’s a fake!” “No, it’s real!” (10x’s) “We have proof, see it’s a fake” “I don’t care anymore
! So what if it’s a fake?! You’re a racist. I’m glad he’s in the white house and I’m voting for him again so he stays there and racists like you don’t get in again!” So Obama becomes a rallying point for (supposedly) progressiveness while his record is actually anything BUT (and is as bad as or worse than George W’s). But you see at this point in the argument no one will care anymore because they will be thinking so irrationally and so emotionally; they will either support Obama or the other corporate shill running as a RepublicOn – sucked into polarity politics once again (tweedle dee, tweedle dum/good cop, bad cop <psyop>).
2- The real issues like the national debt, like corporate welfare, like the sickening fact that more than half of federal spending of tax dollars every year goes to the military, will be side-tracked and never see the light of day (at least, that’s what they’re hoping); = and “bam!” we have the Weimer republic on steroids with a matching political dynamic now. And all Obama has to do is just keep people interested in the birther “debate by saying, “I released it. Now it’s time to move on people.”(and ignore all debate on it and be as opaque as possible – a’ la George Bush style). All the other “progressive” democratic mouth pieces will do the overt bullying = call everybody who won’t “move on”, a “racist”
3- Meanwhile no real issues will be addressed. Bradley Manning will still be in prison and still be tortured, Guantanamo Bay camp x-ray will still be open for business (torturing and imprisoning the accused without fair trial), drone attacks and unnecessary wars in the middle east will still murder thousands of innocent people by the week, gas prices will continue to shoot through the roof making billionaires into trillionaires, and the dollar will soon die…..yet people will still be arguing about this stupid birth certificate. WHO CARES !
4- If Obama does get scorched and most people come to realize that not only “it”(the certificate, but he) is a fake, then he gets discredited and blamed for the mess we are all in now. Then he becomes a scapegoat and America looks like a Nazi country electing a Nazi republican…and it will be. Either way the right wing wins again! (*Note: the right wing always wins whether it’s a DemocraP or a RepublicOn)

HOW PATHETIC. I mean when will we WAKE UP already?!!

However, there is another scenario that the psyop motherfuckers didn’t expect or plan on. What if masses amounts of people start seeing thru this political bullshit. What if we REALLY start waking up. What if we all start seeing bullshit wherever it is, whatever it is as it is: BULLSHIT. What if people start to demand honesty and honest debate about real issues? What if many start seeing through the fake left /right paradigm? What if people start getting turned off by all this fake debate and back and forth over the birther nonsense or whatever it is they’ll whip out to get you to run to this side or that side. FUCK SIDES. The country is falling apart before our eyes. WE ARE GETTING RAPED BY WALL STREET AND THE BIG CORPORATIONS. Sooner or later, if the real issues are not addressed (Probably later), we’ll either have another revolution (but this time incredibly violent) in this country or some strong man – like a Hitler- will rise up and channel all the anger and disgust in the wrong way.
Or we can just wake the fuck up.