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Message Subject MONSANTO # (GMO) FOOD 4 THOUGHT - Know What You Eat # (Ongoing Videos & Articles)
Poster Handle Prisoner of Technology
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Here's an article from '99 on the dangers of horizontal gene transfer and GMOs.
Fears that genetically-modified foods might promote drug-resistant "superbugs" have been fuelled by new research.

Dutch scientists used a computer-controlled artificial gut to show that DNA remains intact for several minutes in the large intestine.

Hub Noteborn, of the State Institute for Quality Control of Agricultural Products in Wageningen, said in New Scientist magazine: "It was a surprise to see that DNA persisted so long in the colon."

This persistence means it might be possible for genes to jump from genetically-modified (GM) food into bacteria in the gut of farm animals. Previously some scientists have said there was no risk as the modified DNA breaks down too quickly.

If the transferred genes were the antibiotic-resistance genes used as markers in some GM crops fed to livestock, then serious health risks might result.
 Quoting: [link to news.bbc.co.uk]

This is the real danger.

[link to www.google.com]
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