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Message Subject MONSANTO # (GMO) FOOD 4 THOUGHT - Know What You Eat # (Ongoing Videos & Articles)
Poster Handle fossilgate
Post Content
Thanks for this thread, really good information. I listened to a show this week disussing GMO and was blown away, I had no idea the depth of the GMO foods. Doing research this week and found articles discussing the hidden GMO ingredients and the depth of how much GMO corn (related ingredients) are used in the food. I always tried to eat organic corn and soy but now wonder how much cross contamination it all has now.

I came across this article..corn ingredients and how much it's in our lives.

On The Road to Being GMO-Free
[link to www.foodrenegade.com]

Heres one discussing US gov. and Monsanto relationships.
Many out there on the subject...this seemed to get to the point.

Nell Newman: Defining Natural and Organic
[link to organicconnectmag.com]
As to why the government allows genetically modified crops to continue without testing, Nell—like many of us—suspects
some “insider” work with the government. “I always wondered why,” she said. “It seems to be such common sense and yet nothing appears to be happening. Then about five or six years ago, I read an article in Mother Jones and realized
exactly why it’s so hard to get something done about it. In this article, they actually followed the heads of all these
big biotech companies as they left their jobs and went to work for the government and wrote policy and then went
back to their former positions. It’s a flowchart; it was an amazing article. For example, they worked for Monsanto
and then they worked for the USDA and then they wrote food policy for two years and then they went back to Monsanto.
After that, I understood why it was so hard.”
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