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Message Subject MONSANTO # (GMO) FOOD 4 THOUGHT - Know What You Eat # (Ongoing Videos & Articles)
Poster Handle RoXY
Post Content
Maui Activists Join Forces To Protest Monsanto Corporation
James W. Macey
Monday, June 11, 2012
Activist Post

Occupy Wall Street Maui, GMO-Free Maui and the March On Maui group joined together Thursday to gather in front of Monsanto’s facility and GMO corn fields in protest of Monsanto Corporation using their islands as their own personal experimental laboratory.

According to the group's Facebook call to action; "Monsanto is one of the most insidious examples of the 1%, the ruling global elite. They have polluted our soil and groundwater with Roundup and other pesticides, polluted our air with open field testing of their GMO corn crops, and polluted our government and education system with massive campaign contributions and funding of our schools and universities."

The group brought signs, drums, music and good vibes as they gathered together in solidarity with people all over the world who have been negatively affected by Monsanto and their products. They came together to send a resounding message to Monsanto that Monsanto is not welcome on their island.

CONTINUE: [link to www.activistpost.com]
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