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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks for blatantly skipping my post.

I'm gonna have to go with my gut and declare you a shill. You lack the passion and desperation of somebody who is on a mission to connect the dots and uncover the truth.
There are two people, Cooper and Schneider who had that passion and they are both dead under suspicious circumstances. Yet you just smear them with "UFO disease".
You also say the Grays are here to help us, then say the govt. allied itself with the wrong aliens, then also say Grays are teaching classes underground. Leading me to believe the Govt allied itself with the Grays (wrong aliens) who are giving classes underground. Do you not see that condradiction?
No wonder you say you're responses expire at midnight. Look, I'm a genuine abductee and believer,...I'm calling totall bullshit on you. I actually felt it within my gut within the first 10 minutes of "John Lear Tells All" yet I didn't want to believe it until now, I could tell Kerry felt it too.
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