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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Syrius
Post Content
btw ... SkepticOverlord > You. Any day of week in any dimension of existence
 Quoting: Syrius

Do you fap to him? hiding
 Quoting: antikythera


Fat above pussy to him? Teach me that one first then we can talk about it, but we can talk about some solid facts here.

Guy pretending to be someone on the internet vs. .com CEO (of a popular conspiracy website)

It speaks for itself, unless you're a moron that is.
 Quoting: Syrius

 Quoting: antikythera

Started watching, its a grown-ass man (possibly you) running around his parent's house whimpering like a fool with night shot on and turned it off after 8 seconds.

Nice try, though. Do you have anymore home videos to share?
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