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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle I Ban Thee
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hey JL who you voting for this year??

obama or romney??? lmao
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22500892

I don't vote because the Presidency is a ceremonial office and whoever is elected does what he is told. He usually gets the briefing the day after he is elected and told in no uncertain terms that this is what he is to do.

"They" let him make a few 'ceremonial' decisions as if it was his idea.

If he doesn't go along with the program they eliminate him
as they did JFK. But the JFK job was done by Mossad at the
direction of David Ben Gurion, Prime Minister of Israel, over JFK's insistence on inspecting Dimona (the Israeli nuke plant).

They had help from the CIA coordinated by James Jesus Angleton who was Director of Foreign Intelligence and was the real "Russian" mole that Angleton spent his life chasing.

Angleton was CIA Chief of Rome Station (1947) when Israel became a State and Angleton along with MI-6 was sent to Israel to help form the Mossad. Somehow Angleton fell in with Israel and became their ‘mole’ with the CIA. Nobody knows what Israel had on Angleton. (read Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper).

Angleton passed information to Israel who passed it on to the Russians. Colby (DCI) fired Angleton in 1972 when it became apparent what was going on.

Mossad used Corsican sharpshooters for the actual hits on JFK. After the assassination no word was ever spoken again by Johnson about Dimona, and the war in Viet Nam was escalated at the bidding of the CIA for war profiteers like Bell Helicopter and other war profiteers.

There is a Memorial for Angleton in Tel Aviv and is the only memorial in Israel for an American CIA employee.

Today Israel enjoys complete autonomy with their nukes because it has been made clear by the Mossad what will happen to them if they argue about the issue.

The Rosenbergs were set up as the spies who passed our nuke plans and engineering to the Russians but it wasn’t them at all. There are several theories who actually did it but the facts are that the information went through Israel to Russia. Large amounts of plutonium were also passed to Israel via Angleton. (read “The Killing of Karen Silkwood").
 Quoting: johnlear

Hi JL. Were the Mossad "rogue" at the time of the JFK hit? Was there no World Gov't at that time? WHO controls the Zios these days? Thanks.
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