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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Much Respect Mr Lear
Can u please confirm that AREA 51 is Nothing
More than a FILM STUDiO bringing us such hits as Te Moon landing , mars landing and all Rebel middle East Footage showing gun toting rebels in deserts?

Also pls confirm for the good ppl that Roswell crash is Staged and that all of this is one huge plan to unite tye world as Ronald Regan said under the threat of a FALSE Alien attack ???
And that all the ufos ppl are seeing belong to the Reptilian govts running our planet ... Explain to the ppl pls Mr Lear that the UFOs are govt technology and the aliens the people are hoping and have been indoctrinated to believe are coming are actually their own govt coming to a global totalitarian state of agenda 21???
Thank you sincerely
Lets stop perpetuating propeganda
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1372759

Note :Cant edit my text any other way lol .. Apology .. Iphones r a pain in the as to type quickly on

Curious to your answer so im bumping this ..

Pls just admit you are Paid controlled disclosure ... Like The rest pls so we can worry about the real threat which is our children becoming Mcdonalds hamburger meat :( and the complete disintegration of the integrity of our countries and why we are taking over the entire middle east...
Or are we lol?

Isnt this is all one huge fraud and subsequent steps for the fake alien invasion ... I dont doubt we have alien tech ... But THEY have Always Been here and are shapeshifting reptilians who rule the vatican , the govts and the monarchies of the "bluebloods" the makers of the pyramids NEVER LEFT ppl!! Or are they ?lol Thats why ancient aliens tv shows etc jesseV/A-J/DavidI, whitley streiber are all shills because this is end game .. Reptiles1. Humans0
They are not human ... Unless the media is actually controlling the live on television reptilian eyes of people like Maury Povich amd newscasters shapeshifting so bad they walk OFF camera during one story while talking lol
cud be part of the hoax also ...
And im not sure anyone especially with your credientals in your position can be sure of anything except being an agent of controlled disclosure ...
The UFOS being filmed worldwide by ppl
are Govt CRAFT ... From reading between the lines amd then reading between them further amd further all the way down the rabbit hole of this proverbial "matrix" we seem to be trapped in lol one can only dedicw this is true based on everything to be found when someone is actually looking instead of falling into the side traps set to catch the seekers

How long has the govt been distracting us by releasing " project bluebook ... People like Bob Lazar ... Ranting Comspiracy theorist leader just collecting "fans" names and info to pass along tothe govt? , C2C etc
We arent even getting abducted by aliens ... We are being abducted by our govt - who may or may not be reptilians lol

No one in this is truly legit ... All the truly legit ppl are dead or missing from every supposed "event" already lol
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