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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle johnlear
Post Content
Thank you for answering all these questions:

I have a few:

1. I can't find a specific thread about Dr. Judy Wood because it's in your sig, so can you elaborate on your opinion of her work. Did you read her book?
 Quoting: cebu4u

Yes, I read it.

Very, very thorough. Needs to be read by anybody interested in what happened on 911. Her opinion: molecular dissociation. Other than the fact that a hurricane was located 100 miles to the east of New York and could be related to the power generated she does not comment on who or what was the cause of the molecular dissociation.

2. When you come back in another generation, is it possible to remember your previous generations? Are you improved each time based on your behaviour (re: hate, greed)?
 Quoting: cebu4u

No. we are prevented from knowing anything about our past lives. The reason for this is to keep us from taking advantage of lessons learned. Why? Wouldn’t we benefit?

Yes, of course. But they (ET) want the lessons learned to be more than ‘monkey see monkey do’. Why? It is something to do with the way the soul is matured. I am working on a better way to explain this. Not to worry though.

You learn their way or you don’t. If you don’t you recycle on aj is a shills. If you do you don’t have to come back to a aj is a shill. Think of it this way: at the end of your life there is a test. And they don’t want anybody cheating. And knowing what they want before the test is cheating. And yes. My telling you this is cheating. Are you improved each time. Sometimes.

3. What's your opinion of the Mars Curiosity Mission?
 Quoting: cebu4u

Since Mars has a population considerably more than earth, has a breathable atmosphere, a blue sky, gravity the same as earth, I think that most photos are of northern Canada, the Antarctic and Death Valley. Some may have been taken from very strategic locations on Mars to prevent anybody from Earth knowing the truth. Why? Because that’s the way whoever runs NAZA wants it.

But before you can accept the truth about Mars you have to understand that Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation is wrong. You have to understand that there is no basis for Newton’s assumption that gravitational force is due to and is proportional to the quantity and density of matter. And to understand that you have to go back to Newton’s original statement which did not include his equation for the Universal Law of Gravitation.

That equation (F=ma=G x m1m2/r2) was inserted by persons unknown after Newton’s death. This false equation has been perpetuated by all matter of mathematical schemes including a measurement of gravity of the moon by Apollo 15. Newton’s equation uses false/unsupported measurements of the moon’s density. And if we use the Bullialdus Law of Inverse Square which does not require density but only size, distance and neutral point the gravitational force of the moon is about 70% that of earth.


If we accept the Bullialdus equation then there is no possibility that any of the Apollo missions went to the moon simply because there was not enough fuel to overcome the gravity of a descent, landing, re-ascent, and re-dock not to mention getting to the moon and getting back.

Thanks again, you really make me think differently.
 Quoting: cebu4u

One more morsel of food for thought: why did Admiral Simon Newcomb, head of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. go all the way to Paris in 1870 to discredit a prestigious Danish Mathematician and Astronomer for his theory presented in 1856 to the Royal Astronomical Society that based on his calculations that the moons calculated and actual distance from earth by 59 kilometers making the density of the moon far greater than the alleged 3.34gr/cm3?

Answer: Because Admiral Newcomb already knew the real density of the moon was far greater and he (the Navy) didn’t want and speculation about people living there. Admiral Newcomb’s proof? None. He used the time tested method of character assassination.
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