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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oops above - Mr Lear lol

Can u speak about Chemtrailimg Planes and technology and what PILOTS are being told or taught a i am sure they are interferring to some degree w light refraction of the aluminum strotnium and barium etc
And onfirm this has nothin to do w anything expect "urban sustainibility" and depopulation?
Also the illuminatiinfo.com site shows a countown simce 2002 ending sept 9/2012 where there is talk of an ELE event asteroid to hit antarctica ... Is this a false flag to cover HAARP being used to Crack antarctica in half as per the mission in 1947 and the article dated Feb 2012 stating that they have successfully drille theough into the under ice pack lake Voltek(sp) .. As www.accuweather.com shows MAJOR activity no one can surmise the sheer size of whats being picked up on radar past couple of weeks . Theres is a thread here on glp
"what is happening
In antarctica "

Thank you .
West coast of canada
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1372759

THIRD BUMP! Still no reply
U said ud reply after youslept .. A week ago !
U seem to be replying to everyone elses posts except my 2....
My 2 posts are really the only ones that actually SOLVE the propeganda war and expose all "gurus" as agents if fulldisclosure to propegate the FAKE alien agenda!
Area 51 has NO aliens its a damn FILM and production studio that films The Moon Landing .. Roswell Fake crash , allMiddle East Rebel footage shown onthenews .. All Mars footage ...
NASA is all 4000 nazi scientists given dual citizenship theu project paperclip
ITS ALL FAKE! Everything from NASA IS FAKE PPL!!
This is Fourth Reich .... Nothingmore
Wake UP

And thisisabout collecting NAMES for the Govt of concious ppl ...
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