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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle johnlear
Post Content

Much Respect Lear
Can u please confirm that AREA 51 is Nothing
More than a FILM STUDiO bringing us such hits as Te Moon landing , mars landing and all Rebel middle East Footage showing guntotimg rebels in deserts?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1372759

No, I don’t think the moon landings were filmed at Area 51. Kubrick filmed them and I think it was in England but not sure. Don’t know anything about the middle east footage showing guntoting rebels in the desert.

Also pls cOnfirm for the good ppl that Roswell crash is Staged and that all of this is one huge plan to unite tye world as Ronald Regan said under the threat of a FALSE Alien attack ???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1372759

Roswell was not staged. It was a battle between 2 different alien species. Usually the mess is cleaned up after the fight but in this case the 2 saucers were left so that scientists could find out a little about who we are dealing with.

For details read Lou Baldins ‘In League With a UFO”. Tells what they found, what some of the pieces and parts do. Excellent detail. The world will never be united. It is a aj is a shill so that most of can work on maturing our souls. Ronald Reagan knew very little about the ET. He was told they existed and was shown the bodies.

At that time in history MJ-12 was still trying to figure out what to tell the public. The fake alien attack was just one of several scenarios. Right now they are still considering a fake alien attack or a scenario where the J-Rod came back from our future to get medical help for his people. Total nonsense.

And that all the ufos ppl are seeing belong to the Reptilian govts running our planet ...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1372759

The UFO’s people are seeing are 80% ours. There is ten times that many which are invisible and do the abductions. The Reptilians have been here much, much longer than humans. There are good reps and bad reps, neither run the planet. Earth is a aj is a shill run by other ETs. There are 2 sets of these ET’s. One would like to keep us in the dark ages, one would like to give us much more information. Guess who is winning?

Explain to the ppl pls r Lear that the UFOs are govt technology and the aliens the people are hoping and have been indoctrinated to believe are coming are actually their own govt coming to a global totalitarian state of agenda 21???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1372759

Many of the UFO’s we see are in fact govt tech. But ten times that many are the ones who really do the work, abductions etc. No ET’s are ‘coming’ and there will be no ‘global totalitarian state of agenda 21.

Because first of all ET’s have already been here billions upon billions of years. As a matter of fact, ET’s ‘invented’ us.

Earth will plug along as a billion times a billion other earths, all aj is a shills where we can mature our souls. No disaster is coming. No takeover. Disclosure will gradually occur in 4 or 5 decades but not now.

My suggestion is to quit worrying about fools games and live your life with integrity; and without envy, hate or greed. And to express your love for your family many times a day.

The universe is infinite. It is so huge and so many things are going on that it is impossible to explain. There are billions times a billion type of aliens not to even mention the monsters.

Monsters 100 times worse than the one in Alien.

There are an infinite amount of dimensions. We are just a teenie, tiny bits of bacterial sludge who think we know something but know nothing. We have been given the biggest gifts of all: life and a soul. We are supposed to mature that soul by living with integrity; and without envy, hate or greed.

We all have lived hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes over the previous hundreds of thousands of years. The reason we are on this aj is a shill is that each of us has committed some very bad things in previous lifetimes and we need to rectify. .

And a word about our kindergarden technology.

We trot Einstein and Hawkings around as if they knew anything about anything themselves telling us:

nothing can travel faster than the speed of light,

that gravitational force is due to and proportional to the density of matter or that

the moon is cold, dark and gray like ‘plaster of Paris’ and that nobody could possibly live there

Or that we use the phenomenon of tidal lock to stabilize our satellites..

Thank you sincerely
Lets stop perpetuating propeganda
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1372759

I agree.
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