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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle johnlear
Post Content
Iíve only been into ufology for a month or so now, but Iím a total believer. Here's my story and questions.

First, I noticed that you have a piano in your ďlair.Ē
 Quoting: courageousthinker

Two. A Storey and Clarke studio and a Fender Rhodes 88 Suitcase Mark 1 (with 88 keys).

Do you play?
 Quoting: courageousthinker

I have been known to Ďtickle the ivoriesí on occasion. But a William Kappell I am not. Neither a sterile Errol am I

Also, what do you believe about the role of music in the universe?
 Quoting: courageousthinker

The music gets better and better as we progress upwards. Because we become aware of many more tones to a scale.

Are ETs musical individuals?
 Quoting: courageousthinker

Much more than us.

Were we humans provided music for the consolation of our souls while they are in development?
 Quoting: courageousthinker

From where else do you think it may have come? We ask. They provide. Anything and everything. But you donít have to ask anybody for everlasting life. If youíre here, you got it. Forever.

When we are transported through music, are we accessing the world of ETs in a way?
 Quoting: courageousthinker

Canít transport by music but it can sure tag along.
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