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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle FlyerBy
Post Content
Hi John,

I googled forums to find out if you still actively post anywhere. Found you here first, so I registered specifically to ask you some questions.

I'm currently somewhat active on that other conspiracy forum that is not to be mentioned here, I've been reading up on your post there...it turned into a gang rape on you after a while. I was so sorry to see that...but it was well before my time there.

Anyway...It was by your reference that I red Sleepers "interview with an alien". Amazing stuff...I saw that you claimed to believe him...and I must say...something about that rings...possible to me.

I wanted to ask you if you are still in contact with the Sleeper, and if he's active online anywhere? What I wouldn't give to sit out with you guys and pick your brains a bit.

Has your opinion on his work changed? Have you ever found anything that could coroborate his story?

Thanks for your time...(I really admire you for participating so much online, considering how much sh** you must take from those that consider you a cook...)

I'm not convinced of all your theories...but that's just because I need my eyes to see it to believe it :) Non the less...you tickle my fancy like a good SF flick :)

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