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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi John. I have read through all your posts and watched your project camelot interviews. I have one question for you that has not yet been asked. If you are saying that the planes heading for the twin towers were holograms then what happened to all the people that were to board the planes? How did they just dissapear?
 Quoting: ble

??? there's heaps on this.
 Quoting: BadHairDay

On every airline on every flight the last thing that happens before that airplane closes the door and calls for push back is:


Nothing can happen; no airplane can push until that envelope which includes:

1. Weight and Balance (fuel vs pax vs aircraft weight)

2. Passenger names and number of passengers

is passed to the outside of the aircraft.

This is primarily so that if an airplane crashes the NTSB has a starting point to notify the passengers relatives if any and to see if there was any fuel and how much fuel was on board.

In my 19,000 hours of flight I have never missed an envelope, ever, ever, ever, ever ,ever, never, never never, never, never, ever, ever everí.

That is the very last thing that the station agent agent collects before he steps back and closes the door.

Its like breathing and breathing out. You collect the envelope, you close the door.

So where are the envelopes for the 4 airplanes? You show me the envelopes and I will show you the weight and balance, fuel, number of passengers , passengers names, C.G., weight of fuel, amount of fuel, captains name, co-pilots-names, names of flight attendants.

It all has to be there.

The plane cannot move or depart without the envelope being passed from the inside to the outside.

So just tell me where the envelope is and I will tell you everything.

NOW. If there was no envelopment there was no flight.


There cannot have been a flight because there are no envelopes.



This is because the guy who shuts the door from the outside knows how serious it is to pass the envelope.

And to my knowledge there was been no person from United Air Lines or American who has stepped forward and said:

"I am the station agent and I collected the envelope and here is it."

Because there was no flight.



It was a fake
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