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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle HaveBlue
Post Content
Ahh yes the 'envelope'. This is why when you check in late and can still see your aircraft at the gate but they won't let you on it and tell you that you are too late and have missed your flight.

All because that envelope is or has been filled out and they are not going to change or write out a whole new one just because of you. Wouldn't a text message be OK in these modern times?

After all the plane itself sends text messages all the time! Just look at how many Air France Flight 447 sent as it (the computer flying the plane AKA pilot in command) threw its hands in the air and gave up sulking that it couldn't read the data. Giving command to a human pilot was out of the question of course on the scarebus and many needlessly lost their lives.

Remember: If it ain't Boeing I ain't going.

Unless the pilot is in a really good mood they leave without you. I can recall once a long time ago about 20 years ago back in the good old days when we'd already started taxiing out to the runway when the Capt came over the intercom (disgusting!) and said we are going to go back for a late passenger that is bumming out that he is watching us leave without him. We feel like we'd like to make his day!
This is before budget airlines came to be.

This was Air NZ the govt owned airline where waste and ticket prices were high. The pilots may have been too back then! They drug test them now. They bug test the computers.(apparently)

I don't know why they bother since computers not pilots fly the planes now most of the time. Occasionally the human pilot gets to exercise their skills. The human pilot still does taxi the aircraft to the runway though but then they should be called taxi drivers shouldn't they? The pay is about the same these days or even less than a taxi driver on a low cost airline. You can tell them by the hair underneath the wings!

In fact the next time you fly it may be a drone with one of those blow up dolls in the Capts seat like on that movie 'Airplane'
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