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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle acegotflows
Post Content
Mr Lear do you believe in god?
 Quoting: Gonviral

There is no such thing as a god.

There are entities more advanced than we that run day to day operations in the universe and there are entities infinitely more advanced than them. But they are not gods either.

God (the one and only) is a concept introduced by the ET’s who made us which was the next step after all the separate gods of ancient time. (The god of fire, the god of light, the sun god etc).

Because the universe is infinite, one god could not possibly act as many people think.

The next step in our evolution after believing in ‘a god’ is to understand we are not here to change the world. We are here for the world to change us and to live our lives with integrity; and without envy, hate or greed.

The problem with a god is that people will think there is someone/something out there that will take care of us if we say a few prayers or drop some money in the collection box or confess our sins. (As if that will get them off the hook scot free.)

Another problem is that we are led to believe that we have to ask for everlasting life. We already have everlasting life. We are born with everlasting life. We don’t have to ask for it. Now we have to learn how to manage our everlasting life without depending on or asking for help.

The transition from believing in multitudes of gods to a single god is not as difficult as changing your belief from a single god to only yourself to believe in. Just look at the kicking and screaming of those defending the mythical Jesus on many threads herein.

Most are not ready to believe in themselves. They need a god (or his son) for a shoulder to lean on, cry on, beg to, and get others to believe in.

They spend more time defending their belief than giving the slightest thought about ‘what if…’

It will take a few more generations for the realization of the truth to manifest itself.

It’s very similar to scientific beliefs. The error of Einstein’s theories is just beginning to seep out all the while still being staunchly defended by older generations. Where younger scientists are not so easily taken in by fraudulent homilies such as ‘nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.’ And the infinitely stupid ‘tidal locking’.

Do I believe in god? No. God is a myth for those in need.
But that doesn’t mean that God isn’t a good belief for those who are not ready for the truth.
 Quoting: johnlear

I have always felt that these gods and such are lower level and vibrational beings that keep this battle going to stay fed by the energies. They don't want to stop it because they would disappear into obscurity. That's how I feel about it, who knows though...
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