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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Snippity do da

You will note as I have that nobody has come foward (to my knowledge) to attack John on the science of what he says, where they can demonstratably show where he is wrong.

Plenty of the 'shooting of the messanger' type behavious to be found and mname calling etc... but no actaul substance.

I engage Ed fouche and co over at alien scientist forum over the Bob Lazar thing but I don't get anything real.
I must go back and check there to see if they have found anytjing convincing yet to back up the claim of Bob being a lier and fraud etc...

Ed Fouch does bet all his wealth and one of his testicles on this after all! I can't remember off hand if it was the left or right testicle but it was just the one. I do know that much!
He reckons he is right just because Bob doesn't take up his offer of a public skype debate sort of show.

I have explained that I'm sure Bob has far better things to do with his time, he is actually doing things and not just talking about them on internet forums like I am now!

The guy (bob) built his own nuclear accelerator in his back yard to make the Deuteride whatever for his hydrogen storage as hydride but he's a fraud and not a real scientist because MIT and Caltech can't/won't supply the bits of paper that say he is!
If that is not insane I don't know what is!
The modern word I believe is for his attackers is 'derp'

Snippage some more

 Quoting: HaveBlue

The one thing that made me laugh and like John Lear was when he told how at the time of his fathers passing, the family fortune never seen John, but, his dad did leave a dollar for him.

thats more than my dad did at his passing, for me.

As for the AS forum and ED Fouches, Ed seems to lock his talons into anyone who falls for his hand of friendship. Bob Lazar is an enigma and for Ed to talk trash of bob clearly shows disinfo cointelpro at its worse.

The AS forum was hacked because it was a hack unpaid version. It stayed hacked for months till they finally pooled enough coins together to buy a license.

Another thing, Ed was in on the deal at Open Minds when John was handed his hat. Later on, Ed and friends consorted to take down Open Minds which they did.

So, how can you be trusted with that level of operating in the realm of information. I think Ed's EGO got the best of him.

Lazar and Lear are still in the race.
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