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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle johnlear
Post Content
Hello John,

Hope you are doing fine. I am still waiting for your answer regarding RH Negative blood type and if you mentioned something about it previously, I would like to apologize because I didnít have time to read all the pages, yet. In the mind time I have something else to ask you, if you donít mind.

After my mother passed away I had lights going on and off or TV channels up and down on its own. On two occasions bulbs exploded sending blue lights around with ozone like smell similar to the one after thunderstorms. Since energy/soul survives the death, do you believe in ghost activities and could it be my motherís spirit? She promised to visit me from the other side....

I would also like to mention two of my incidents from many unexplained things. Being alone, I was standing in the kitchen and heard manís voice inside my head (right side of the ear) saying my name. Another time I woke up feeling someone standing behind my bed and my soul was trying to get out of the body. I had few out of body experiences previously with my soul flying under the ceiling all over the place but this specific time was different. This time I was petrified and I fought my paralyzed body with all the strength to keep my soul inside and I heard a voice in my head: ďLet it goĒ, so I fought harder and finally started to move my toes and slowly ďwoke upĒ because actually I was not really sleeping as I had full consciousness.

I have a video of UFO made from the balcony of my high rise condominium and it is shocking. It shows that UFO was observing me and they knew that I was filming them. Interesting that I couldnít see them with my naked eyes but something told me (my sub-consciousness, perhaps) to take my camera and point it at the sky and here it was!!

After reading Bob Hopkins books I was speechless because I have all those classic abductee factors including childhood scoop mark which my parents couldnít explain. However, I donít recall seeing any Aliens or being abducted, thought I had few vivid dreams about it. Do you think I could be an abductee or there are other explanations to this.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards, Kinga.

PS. My first strange experience happened when I was approximately 6-7 years old. I was playing outside my grandmother's home with my 2 cousins. They run inside the home through veranda's door and I took the longer way and run for the kitchen door. Before I approached them, suddenly about 2-3 meters from me there was someone standing fully covered (face and eyes including) in a white sheet. Because it was late in the evening, I though that maybe my grandma tried to scare us, so we come back home. I remember this like it was today. I said: "Grandma, is that you?" but this figure didn't answer me. Later I remember getting inside the house and my grandma was in the kitchen. There is no way she could get there before me. In the past I was thinking that those things in my life may have spiritual connections, but I am not sure anymore and wonder if I may be an abductee.
 Quoting: Kinga 23570095

Hello Kinga,

Yes, you are an abductee. Everyone is. Or rather every human is. The Earths population is composed of about75% humans, 20% ETís and 5% Hybrids,

I do know something about the RH neg blood issue but I forgetwhat it was. If I remember I will let you know.

You only remember as much as ET allows you to remember about your abductions. ET usually leaves a frightening memory, completely untrue, to keep people from getting regressions and attempting to find out what really happened.

Your OOB experiences are real.

Your slivers of memory could be screen memories or actual.

Donít know what the deal is on the white sheet but anything can and will happen in this crazy illusion called Earth and the Solar System.

Some of the things you are sure are real are not. Some of the things you donít think are real are. Just hang in there and enjoy what you can, trying to live with Integrity; and without envy, hate or greed and to express your love to your family each and every and all day long. When you get to the other side you will know that it was all worth it.

And that I was right!
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