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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Kinga
Post Content
Wow!! Thanks John, I just spit coffee on my laptop reading your answer!

This is what I started to suspect for the past few years but having the answer from a Pro confirming my suspicions is something else.

This particular out of body experience was so petrifying I would describe it like first scuba diving in an open ocean. Makes me wonder if I didnít let Aliens to abduct me at that time or perhaps they did and I woke up with my memories being blocked... I was thinking about regression hypnosis but couldnít make myself to do it.

I have read about you and I believe you are the real deal. You are highly regarded in aviation circles, having flown a variety of over 150 test aircraft, and having won every award granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. Very impressive! Let me know if you will be visiting Toronto in the future. I have some original Cuban Montecristos and Romeos.wink

I am trying to live my live the way you are suggesting even though in this World is not always easy. Is there anything I could do to stop those abductions?

Thank you very much for taking your time and answering me. Itís appreciated a lot.

Best wishes, Kinga.
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