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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
LOL, yeah he was the good looking cigar smokin one.


John, on the bezerk thread, we're entertaining an idea about underground submarine caverns. I've heard of them before and I think you've mentioned it here once or twice about a pay slip of something referring to a sub base at A51 or similar.

The idea we are floating revolves around creation of these caverns. I've been mentioning how oil 'reserves' are created and maintained, by dissolving and clearing large salt domes, clearing the brine, whilst filling with particular hydrocarbons. The measured brine output then determines the reserve capacity. Laughed at by 'experts' here and elsewhere, now confirmed as industry practice with the admission of reserves all over the US, most notably the butane and oil reserves at Assumtion Parish around the sink hole, that use cleared salt domes.

We're linking the deep water horizon BP incident in 2010 to what is going down (litterally) at the sink hole at Assumption.

The bezerk thread made mention of subs, and I used the information you gave me regarding D.D coatings to good use in explaining sub movements. But some still didnt make sense.

A tunnel system does make sense. Travelling 'through' the US allows certain 'timings' to make sense.

So, question is, do you know of any means of creating these tunnels? Are they man made?, Naturally occuring, or a combo, i.e. a dissolved salt cavern.

Thos questioning the dissolved salt dome/vein/cavern/pillow bear in mind these things are miles across and deep, and connected.

Indeed a cross sectional view of the GoM, from deep water up and through Louisianna shows a number of connected slat veins, with only the domes popping up to the surface. Easy to fit a wee sub inside.

Also do you have any information on these tunnels being sealed or closed off to allow pressurising? Like an underwater loche system?

Any help appreciated mate.

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