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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle hoss58
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This is my take on past lives:

This 3d place is the ILLUSION, your soul is here because your higher self , the real you , chose to be here. You may not reincarnate here next time . There are millions of possible places to reincarnate for lessons .

You must learn to chose right for the right reason. If you remembered all your past lives (and there are many ) you would choose right for the wrong reason, it's like taking a test when you know the answers ahead of time .
 Quoting: hoss58

But there is no "you" unless you can remember. That's my point.

 Quoting: TheDude99

Your higher self ,the "real you" remembers. When you die you get to see all that you did and the real you decides if you learned your lesson. The body you inhabit is not the real you .
 Quoting: hoss58

Then the "real you" isn't "you". So, it isn't you. See? May as well be an old man in the sky. You know?

 Quoting: TheDude99
We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience

We are spiritual beings having a 3d physical experience for the purpose of soul growth.

When you drive a car you do not say you ARE a Ford, you say" I" drive a Ford.
Same with this body we inhabit. we get in and drive and have experience.When it doesn't work anymore (death) we get another one and drive some more . The car is different but the "I" is the same .

If we had the physical experience in a 3d body with all knowledge there would be no lessons learned . The 3d brain would be flooded with info and cause problems with the lesson to be learned. Between incarnations is when we decide what we want to experience in 3d.

The experience has to be pure and not clouded by past lives and prior knowledge.
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