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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
John, hows your health these days? I notice you're not posting as much as you used to, hope all is well with you. Anything in the news catching your eye these days? Anything NOT in the news piquing your interest? Here's hoping we are both on our last ride on planet earth...I am slowly losing my get-up-and-go as geezerhood is overtaking me. Looking back I can't believe I did all the things I did...no more energy to start new projects. Reading is about as exciting as it gets these days. I still recall wondering about your theory of the giant soul-sucker on th moon and if it could be true and all the snipers on that other site. Wonder if they are still spending their energy doing the same (probably). What a long strange trip it's been. Mike Klotz
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