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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hi john,

i hope you and your wife are well, and wish you both a loving and happy thanksgiving together...

heartfelt pleasantries aside, i'd like to point out that i'm surprised there hasn't been more of a buzz regarding the latest episode of jesse ventura's conspiracy theory show, "death ray". i found it groundbreaking, in the sense that some of the very people and beliefs we talk about on this thread, were provided a legitimate shot (even after editing) at explaining the basis of their theories [read dr. judy wood and the dustification of the twin towers], as well as the appropriate credence given by the show's objective investigators, as the facts that were laid out before them.

jesse started by interviewing fr3d b3ll (who "died" in his hotel room, while on-location, the morning after filming his segment), michael pravica (expert on tesla tech), lt. col. thomas bearden (who wouldn't appear on camera & called the cops), william lyne, john hutchinson and dr. judy wood.

while trutv sat on releasing this new season of jesse's show, they finally did so recently, and this particular episode was the best of the series, thus far, in my opinion. we're seeing people like former governor jesse ventura change his mind from nano-thermite to DEWs, while speaking on camera with dr. wood re the WTC op on 911. there was also some demonstrative graphic animation of the much-smaller than expected amount of a debris pile (had the buildings actually collapsed or been brought down by a more conventional controlled demo) at the WTC site, and it was phenomenal to see. they also showed some of the seismic evidence.

this new national attention to DEWs, being directly connected to 911, can only be looked at positively, unless we're to consider more wet work being carried out against those bringing the evidence forward.


1) did you see the show, and if not, will you have a look and give me your take?

[link to www.youtube.com]

if the above YT link gets taken down, try this one:

[link to powervideotube.com]

2) had you ever met fr3d b3ll, did you find him credible and/or do you believe he was killed over his talking to jesse on camera about this subject?

3) had you ever heard of or met william lyne, who lives in new mexico? he talks about the government targeting him with some type of DEW that burned his skin and caused him to keep away from certain parts of his house. this reminded me of things you have said about your home. is there any correlation?

4) do you think there will be any further blowback for people like ventura, his crew, pravica, lyne, hutchinson or wood, due to the attention this show is getting?

5) do u think this show will get pulled from re-running, like was done with the "police state" episode from last season or can u come up with a reason why it was allowed to be aired in the first place? are things changing, in the direction we'd like to see, or am i reading too-much into this?

you can see a write-up of the show here:

[link to www.disinfo.com]

thanks in advance, for any insight you may be able to provide on the above questions.

best regards,

PS. had trouble posting this... tried 4 or 5 times, it would look like it submitted, but not show up in the thread. i finally was able to do so, by simply entering 1 line of text, then editing my post to include the above.

PPShh... perhaps it's the name fr3d b3ll, which, when spelled correctly with e's instead of 3's, is getting replaced with "not here" (sans quotes)? ... wtf? ... is this censorship by glp, and if so, why? something stinks here, and with this in mind, i'm considering not posting, again. i have your email, mine is snake.plissken911@gmail.com. i have also attempted to bring to your attention, a video of dulce recorded on one of the levels with the cages, in this thread... but u either missed it or didn't have a comment. would like to discuss, if there's an interest.
 Quoting: snake.plissken

Let me validate his claims.

I have been on a gang stalking list 8 years now. If I go out side to smoke in my yard I too get burns on my face and neck.

They do disappear though after about 6 hours +.

So I have to smoke in my shed.
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