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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle geminilion
Post Content
John,I have asked the same question 3 times,and they are not BS questions.
Your purposefull avoidance on these issues are not cool.But
Do as you wish.Its your mind,your info,and if you dont want to share it then fine.

You did an interview on C2c for 5 minutes Joe resnick,the owner of the moons mineral rights which have been being mined for the last 25years for helium2 ,told you theres a city,landing strip,people working there over a million people but the werent like US.
HE told you that he got the rights to the moons mineral and other planets cause he is the one who syncs the Hubbles satelites which he said there are much more than 2 when we all only know of 1. and hes the only one who can calibrate them.
THis guy also claimed to be the one who worked next to jrod.

And I can tell you for a fact,when he said he hasnt been to the moon,but this kid,a real good guy,"code"has been there.HE was lying.Hes been there... You can tell he was waiting for the person screening his conversation to tell him to say yes or no... cause he paused for a long time before answering.where every other question,he instantly nswered

He said he will tell you everything on the phone cause the show was ending.

And you havent shared any of that fresh new news to anyone here or havent replied to my previous questions.

I guess your just doing your job huh? Some of us think your job may just be a little more than "a hobby" shame on you if thats the truth.

To me you are just another drug smuggling,arms smuggling,kronie of the state in cognito.Entertaining you are!
TO just speak of your crimes in such a matter of fact tone proves your not one of us.Your one of them,and always have been.

THe FBI tap your phone cause you talk to darker shadow sources outside the govt. SURE THEY WOULD,thats our govt,they wanna know wth is going on.

AHH phhoooey.........Im a neutral. This earth and this dimension is cursed. You know much more...

In closing,you support sleepers files 100% , can you yell us why?

Im not expecting you to answer....youll just skim past the real questions and chit chat table talk with kiddie chalk.

Maybe Ill hit the lottery and seee what you have to say about this .But I doubt it.
Good luck with your health.
I still luv ya so make sure this planet dont lose john lear yet.we all look forward to seeing new videos of you talking!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8736387

Try and be patient, you know John has been struggling with health issues. There are lots and lots of real questions and answers, not only chit chat.

Give the guy a break! He is not employed by GLP.
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