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Message Subject I am the real John Lear...ask me a question
Poster Handle johnlear
Post Content
Johnnie!!! Great to see you back John. Hope the recovery is going well. We missed you mate.

Thanks BHD. Getting better.

Did you see the pics of that 'model' the Iranian's are touting as the worlds most advanced stealth fighter?! Laughed my arse off.

Yes, thatís an all time joke.

The meteor that hit Russia, and all the others around the same day (Spain, Peru, Japan, UK/Scotland, Cali etc). Got any ideas on what it might be about? Just a shower?

Got me. Pretty spectacular stuff.

Some are speculating it is space weaponry taking out sattelites.

I donít think so. Too much white stuff or burning or whatever.

Even a thread on GLP about it being the black knight. In fact that's a good thread, with some interesting ideas on what BK is. An ancient projector system was one suggestion, and that France found one in Antarctica, and the US got one fron Saddam's museum. mentions the moon civilisation too, and that our whole night sky is contrived and controlled.

Hmmmmm. Nice rumor.

Interesting stuff.

Yes it is.

Good to see you posting man.

Thanks BHD.
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