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Message Subject You are NOT allowed to commit suicide: Workers in Chinese iPad factories forced to sign pledges
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Chinese people could rise up so easily and fix things. It would be so frickin easy. Same with the US. But no, people are sheep and cowards. They let one man brutally control millions. THAT is why you are sheep. It is hilarious to watch idiots in the matrix. The best entertainment ever.

It is also why they deserve the punishment they get. I have zero sympathy for cowards who CHOOSE to live under tyranny.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26146407

If I was a Chinese man, I wouldnt put up with that shit. Id move my family into the country and work the rice paddies if I had too. or go into construction. Build for my fellow men. Chinese is expanding like crazy and theres always a construction boom there. I even think they had one of the worlds records for fastest built skyscraper

FUCK assembly line jobs, Anyone who works for a Chinese slave factory isnt that bright..

it's just that easy?

Hi, i want a construction job. I know there are over 1 billion people in this country and i have absolutely ZERO experience, but i want a job in construction. Oh, i also want some land that i can grow rice on. I don't care if somebody already owns it, just give it to me because i want it.

Maybe, they work those jobs because they have no other choice.
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