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Message Subject I am beyond sick of GAY CULTURE being shoved down my Fucking throat
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This thread is full of bigoted, small minded, ignorant, insecure, scared little people, who are soo insanely terrified by things that are different.

I just hope you all know that you're wrong, and that the problem doesn't lay with gays, but the small minded and the ignorant, like most of the people in this thread. We're all human beings. Period. But you people chose not to see that, instead focusing on shallow, stupid differences that really amount to nothing at all.

Nobody's shoving anything in any of your faces, you're just experiencing your own insecurities. You are the problem. If we want to move forward and survive as a species, there needs to be less of "You". Those who holds human beings back by trying to divide us up into stupid little groups based on shallow differences. You all need to grow up and stop being stupid scared little children, because that's exactly how you are all acting.

Have the courage to have compassion for your fellow man, instead of being huge pussies that are too afraid to talk to someone of another race or sexual orientation. Grow up.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6560737

No there is something badly wrong when our economy is in the shitter,unemployment and crime through the ceiling and all we can see on the news and every forum is gay this gay that.Cant watch an ad for a store that it isnt pushed,cant see specials for mothers day that it isnt pushed,on and on.when it was happening the same for blacks and not nearly ,not nearly,as much people were all pissed.now that its gays all of a sudden it should be tolerated.i am not against anyone but i do not like this being front and center during this election year especially when the important issues need to be whats leading the headlines.personally i dont care what anyone decides to stick their dick in unless its a child i just dont want to hear about it.never should it be news making headlines.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15887141

You are insane.

Our economy being in the shitter has ZERO to do with gay people.

Crime going through the ceiling has NOTHING to do with gay people.

I watch the news. I watch television. I go to the movies. I am a straight male who lives in the United States and I think you are completely exaggerating.

It's not being pushed down anyones throat. I don't feel suffocating by the amount of gay related material out there, I don't feel like anyone is trying to force it onto me. I'm not sure what country you're living in, but I assume USA also.

It happened with the blacks because they were another group of people that were treated as less-than huamn, simply because of the color of their skin. It's happening with gays because more and more people are becoming accepting of them. Not because people want you to be gay or they are trying to shuv it down your throat, but because people are finally allowing this group of people live normally in our society. So of course you'll see gay people on television, just like you see straight people, or old people, or young people, or people who snowboard or people who play baseball or black people or asian people.

The problem is that when bigots like you see gay people, you react with such resistance due to your own insecurities that you get all pissy and assume someones trying to make you be gay, but nobody is, you're just a pussy with an unevolved closed mind. The rest of us are on a different level because we have the ability to see past that shit and accept people simply as people.

This is something you'll probably never understand because you're probably a priveledged white male who has never been discriminated against. You've never been a second citizen. You've never been outcasted for some small shallow stupid surface detail of your life. You lack the ability to see life through someone else's eyes, and the empathy to feel that suffering they've faced. You are a sheltered white male trying to make this a straight white male's world. And the thing is...it's really not. This is everyone's world, regardless of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, or whatever. You feel entitled to say these bigoted remarks about gays, because you're ignorant and have never been held down, like many minorities in this country have been, so there's absolutely no way you could ever understand.

This earth does not belong to one group of people. Stop believing in made up ideas and be a fucking man and stand up for your fellow human beings, instead of being a goddamn coward, pointing your finger from the shadows of your computer room.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6560737

Are you stupid.I in no way said the economy,etc had anything to do with gay people.Your guess as to who I am couldnt be further off either since first off I am a woman,but thats beside the point.

This earth does not belong to one group of people

But your statement summed up exactly what I was saying.
We dont want to only hear about one group of people wanting special rights. we all should be the same.Your post clearly proves my point.Me me me..bigoted my ass,I have family members that are gay but they need to get through the world just like the rest of us.I dont react to any GAY person.I react to people.You should try that sometime without thinking GAY should be first
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