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Message Subject Math: 6÷2(1+2) = ?
Poster Handle Opinionated2
Post Content
1 is the answer if you use BODMAS



6/6 = 1
9 is the answer if you translate the problem thus

(6 / 2) * (1 + 2)

3 * 3 = 9
Therefore finally proving that 1 = 9

Multiply this by the number of dollars in your wallet and bank account and CONGRATULATIONS

On paper you are 9 times wealthier than you thought!


With only the spending power of you, when you, thought the answer was 1...lol

You little conundrum, you...lol

Oh and I can't even spell IQ, let alone possess one...lol

The real answer though is either 9/1 or 6/6 and I can't do those calculations, I am a Maths Majorette, but I have nice nails...lol

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